Family matters

We humans tend to look for simple solutions, like a route to success or financial security.

Raise the minimum wage, make sure everyone goes to college, raise government retirement benefits, etc.

The data are pretty con­clu­sive. The more in­tact the fam­ily, the bet­ter the ed­u­ca­tion out­comes. In a new IFS study re­leased Mon­day, re­search psy­chol­ogist Nicholas Zill reports that when it comes to grad­u­a­tion from top colleges, “stu­dents from in­tact fami­lies are twice as likely to do so as those from all other fam­ily types com­bined.” WSJ 5-26-20

Is the SAT Really the Problem?

While this article relates to education and family, I think the message is applicable to many aspects of life. Simply put, individual decisions and life choices matter, perhaps matter most.

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