Let’s try one more time, you and I did not pay for our Social Security

No, you didn’t pay for your Social Security. Here’s why.

  • The Social Security taxes you paid are unrelated to the benefits you collect.
    • For example, two workers with identical earnings and identical taxes paid can receive substantially different benefits based on marital status.
  • The earnings used to calculated your benefits are not your actual average earnings, they are adjusted for inflation.
  • Taxes collected prior to 2010 were more than enough to pay benefits and the excess was invested in US Treasury bonds.
  • Since 2010 all incoming taxes have been used to pay current retiree benefits.
  • Congress can and has increased or decreased future benefits unrelated to tax rates.
  • Self employed individuals pay twice the amount in taxes for the same benefits
  • If your taxes alone were related to your benefits, your benefits would stop when that taxes your and you employer paid were exhausted.


  1. Anyway you look at it for 37 years my company and I paid weekly into the social security system. That money helps pay Social Security benefits to retirees.


    1. No argument there, “helps” is a good word because now trust fund interest is needed to pay benefits and shortly the trust will start redeeming its bonds until they are gone around 2034 +-


      1. It is not my fault that the government did not tax me or my employer enough to pay for the benefits that I and my wife now receive. I will have everything that was paid in SS taxes back in just 66 months. I adjusted everything for inflation and $86,500 was paid in for the 27 years I had taxable income, many years I earned less than $12,000. If my wife and I live to 85 we will receive a total of $450,000 in SS benefits. And people continue to tell me that Social Security is a bad deal. My numbers prove them wrong.


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