July 4, 1776

When this document was written it was far from certain the attempt would succeed. Over the next seven years patriots endured incredible hardships, with key leaders separated from their homes and families for years. Atrocities occurred on both sides, the will to win waned and rose.

What have you given us, Ben Franklin was asked. A Republic, if you can keep it, was the reply.

Perhaps we should be asking what have we done, what are we doing, what will we do with the gift we were given? 🤔

Let’s not let it slip away


  1. There is a push by some to refer to July 4th as Independence Day and not the 4th of July. Just like Christmas, Independence Day’s meaning has been lost among the young. Some people have no ideal that Independence Day is when we Americans became free men and no longer subjects. Some do not even know the year the Declaration of Independence was signed or from who we declared our freedom from. All this talk about Juneteenth has muddy when all Americans gained their freedom. With current events causing the loss of our liberties, the Burning Looting Mob rule with their cancel culture, attempts to erase our culture and our history, and out right calls for communism, I like to wish everybody a safe Independence Day. I would like to stay independent and free.





  3. I believe if the founding fathers were alive today, they would be pushing for a new revolutionary war. The US Government that we now live under is so corrupt, I will never vote in another election. I have never missed voting, since 1976. But, it does not matter who you vote for nothing changes. If you vote, you are saying this corrupt government is OK in my opinion. Government spending is out of control and they never cut any spending. Oh, they talk about it all the time, but never follow through. The founders did not see how corrupt the government would become with just a two party system. of career politicians. They wanted citizens to serve one term and then return to civilian life.

    I thought DJ Trump would be different, my mistake. When DJ Trump was running for office he said he was going to make filing your taxes for most as easy as filling out a post card. He said a single person would not pay any tax until income was over $25,000 and a married couple would not pay any tax until their income was over $50,000. It did not happen and the new tax law took away the personal exemption of $4,150 for each family member; result , many large families filling the standard deduction saw a tax increase.

    The DJ Trump tax bill did get rid of the alternative minimum tax saving him $30,000,000 per year and reducing taxes receipts by 18 Billion, for his and Congress’s rich friends.

    Just think, maybe if the tax cut would of been passed for the lower income workers they would of had a little more money to support their family and save something for retirement. After all everyone single or married would not pay any tax on the first 25K or 50K that would give everyone filing the standard deduction the same break.


    1. We now live under an Oligarchy disguised as a Democratic Republic. With 546 people in D.C. ruling over us, living much better than the average citizen.Increasing their family wealth by millions just because they serve in government. Living better than King George III ever did.


      1. Something that sums it all up. Do not spill your coffee laughing.
        Politics – The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People


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