Great lies, myths and misconceptions … that won’t go away

You have heard it all before, you have seen endless memes, you may even believe some of these statements, but if you do you are incorrect.

  • Social Security is going bankrupt
  • Social Security has a surplus
  • There is plenty of money to improve Social Security benefits
  • Illegal immigrants are receiving Social Security benefits
  • Members of Congress and the President receive their pay for life
  • The cause of high health care costs is health insurance
  • The government pays for all new drug development
  • Health care coverage can be “free”
  • The “wealthy” (decide for yourself the definition) don’t pay their fair share
  • Congress, Democrats or Republicans (take your pick) stole the Social Security trust fund
  • 401k plans are a failure
  • Congress has a better health plan than the rest of Americans
  • Americans (generally speaking) can’t afford to save
  • Members of Congress are overpaid
  • Immigrants take jobs from “Americans”
  • Immigrants use social benefits more than others
  • Ilegal immigrants don’t pay taxes, but get free government benefits
  • Health insurance premiums are driven by insurance company profits
  • You can accurately compare health costs between the US and other countries
  • Social programs are “free” to citizens of Scandinavian and European countries
  • As a generalization, teachers are underpaid


  1. I’ll have to go with Members of Congress are overpaid as being true. Sometimes I often wonder who they work for? Seriously, I am not surprised by your list. In today cancel culture, mob rule, and media platform bias I don’t know how you kept the list so short.
    But the one thing that still amazes me are the Flat Earthers. Something that you can disprove with a candle, a stick, and orange. So when you move onto more undefined and subjective terms like “fair”, “overpaid”, “wealthy”, and “free” it is no wonder we have so many believing what the politicians and the lobbyist tell us. Nobody asks the questions like “free to who” and “who will pay for it then”?


    1. Don’t confuse job performance with pay. Many members of Congress should be fired, but the pay does not allow average people to run for office. A person with a family simply could not afford to live in Washington and keep their home.


      1. Pay does not keep the average Joe from running for office, a corrupt 2 party system without term limits keeps most from running for office. Without the support of the DNC / RNC and the party leaders in your your state you have almost no chance of winning any election. Over 95 percent of Congress gets reelected each election, until we have term limits, nothing will change. The video below sums it all up.


      2. And what does that say about the American voter? Congress only gets re-elected because voters simply vote for a recognized name. Nevertheless, if a person had a job, family, home won election, most could not afford to keep that and live in DC or move their family to DC. A small apartment is about $2300 a month.


      3. This corrupt congress will never impose term limits, so voting for any of the 2 major parties will just continue the corruption. I chose not to vote for these lying corrupt politicians.


  2. Any person with half a lick or sense should know that any claim with the word “FREE’ in it is false and meant to be deceptive.


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