Beware of Greeks (or liberals) bearing gifts

The Biden-Sanders Task Force Recommendations is 110 pages designed to change the world. It’s an extensive menu of entrees to serve to Americans from birth to end of life. Of course, it will never come to pass, at least during a Biden presidency, but it says a lot about the political left’s dream. There are a few things it doesn’t do though:

  1. It does not consider human nature or the actions of individuals or consider a reasonable measure of personal responsibility. In other words it assume government action alone can change people and solve problems.
  2. It does not mention costs or funding, although there are considerable tax increases, not to deal with our current deficits or debt, but to spend more on new programs.
  3. It ignores the consequences of various changes, but typically dwells on only the positive side of an equation. For example, there is a mandate for companies to pay home healthcare care workers a minimum of $30,000 a year, plus benefits. Any chance that will drive up the cost of home health care?

Following is an example from the document. It shows the lack of understanding or intention to obfuscate their goals. How do you use negotiate in the same proposal with “prices that are capped to a level associated with average OECD median prices?” Or limit or enforce.

Rein in Prescription Drug Costs and Retain a Commitment to Innovation: Medicare Negotiates Prescription Drug Prices for All Americans

● Defang the outrageous negotiation ban
● Direct the Medicare program to target excessively priced prescription drugs that face little or no competition
● Create an independent review board to evaluate value, attribute the federal contribution through publicly sponsored R&D, and recommend price parameters for prescription drugs
● Empower the HHS Secretary to negotiate prices that are capped to a level associated with average OECD median prices
● Limit cost inflation for all brand name drugs and abusively priced generics to the consumer price inflation rate
● Enforce negotiation and associated price limits through tax penalties
● Apply and enforce negotiated prices to all purchasers Fighting Industry Efforts to Block Competition

Here is another example:

Democrats believe the government should take aggressive steps to increase the supply of housing, especially affordable housing, and address long-standing economic and racial inequities in our housing markets. We will equalize access to affordable credit and improve access to down payment assistance to help families of color, low-income families, and rural buyers purchase homes.

Such policies are exactly what caused the 2008-2009 financial crisis; artificially pushing people into the obligations and costs of home ownership. And here’s a clue to the pandering nature of the document, down payment assistance will be available to families of color, regardless of income status?



  1. My decades ago, I had to write a school paper building an interstate highway. I had to stay inside a budget, decide which neighborhood to build it through, limit bridges for costs, etc. Nobody wanted it built in their backyard but everybody wanted the benefit. I finally designed the road that pleased everybody and way, way, and then some over costs. Then I questioned if I understood the assignment and my budget. I stated that I did and pointed out that the government NEVER stays in budget. I got an A.


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