TRUST you say?

For nearly twenty years I participated in labor negotiations with several different unions. There were two types of meetings. The general meeting where the union had fifteen to twenty people on their side and management had about the same. High level items were discussed, proposals exchanged and explained and there was frequent yelling and grandstanding, mostly for the benefit of the individuals seated behind the table as it was known. Nothing was actually accomplished.

The real work, the real exchange of ideas and solutions occurred in private, closed door if you like, meetings, at lunch with two or three people and telephone calls. That’s how things get done.

Too bad the never had a real job, non-profit “advocates” don’t understand that. Or perhaps they do and it’s just politics.

The TRUST Act would require the U.S. Department of the Treasury to report to Congress on the health of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds within 45 days of passage. Congress would then appoint bipartisan committees to come up with recommendations by June of 2021. Then, lawmakers would be required to take an up or down vote on the proposals, with no amendments allowed.

One comment

  1. Nothing ever gets done by committee. It is always a few people or a small “subcommittees” that work out the details. The important part is when proposals and compromises are done that the whole committee or in this case Congress get to have their say and vote. You need the close door sessions to say what needs to be said not an open public congressional televised carnival sideshows trying to get their sound bites retweeted.

    Even our city council has closed door “work sessions” but whatever they decide in the end has to be restated in a public forum.

    One more thing. Social Security Works pushes so much fake news about social security, that I almost did not read what followed their logo.


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