Now what? Where are the promises?

The candidate and President promised a new and better health plan to replace Obamacare; there is no such plan.

Now the President seeks to cut the funding for Social Security … and apparently seeks to make the cut permanent with no plan to keep Social Security running as run it must.

Only Congress can change the Social Security law, but this and scores of past Congresses have fail to take the action necessary to keep the program going as promised let alone make changes to enhance benefits.


    1. In my opinion we cannot sustain the current deficit and growing debt. We can hope for lower taxes, but the reality is something has to give. I think we are kidding ourselves if we think taxes are not going up.


      1. Point taken…but whom do you suggest is a better candidate option…maybe I’m asking the wrong question/s?


      2. While I’m conservative by nature and don’t want to go further left, I don’t think we can keep it all together with four more years of Trump. He has identified several key issues we should deal with, but he is not the type of leader we need.


      3. Maybe…I personally pay more attention to what he does then says, but I also enjoy his punch back at the far left which drives them nuts !


  1. What’s your source for this posting?

    I just download the official transcript of his speech and its not exactly what he said but its close. His speech is not exactly what he wrote in his orders either. He never mention anything about November in the one transcript that I have.

    So far I have only found one of the executive orders from I have seen the media reports of the other orders but I don’t trust the media. What the order says is that he directs the Treasury Secretary “to defer the withholding, deposit, and payment of the tax imposed by” (citing a bunch of statues) so I am not sure if one of them is Social Security or not. He also directed the Secretary to “explore avenues, including legislation, to eliminate the obligation to pay the taxes deferred pursuant to the implementation of this memorandum.” We know that a legislative solution will never happen so at some point, if an employer does defer payment, there will be a day of reckoning that might do more harm than good when they have to deposit and pay those taxes with money they don’t have.

    I have not found the extra unemployment payment order online yet.

    I think it was a brilliant move by Trump. The democrats lost campaign talking points about how they helped the American people giving them more “free money”. The failed covid-19 aid package was packed with things like building a new FBI building that now we don’t have to pay for and does nothing for covid-19. I am sure the democrats will sue to stop Trump’s order and might win, which will only make them look bad by taking away the extra “free” money. The only thing the democrats can do is pass some legislation to aid the American people and making Trump’s order null and void.

    Tomorrow, I am sure Social Security Works will have a more doom and gloom version of the same speech.

    I don’t totally agree with his orders but I do love how stupid he made the democrats look.


    1. You can find the documents (not all were Executive Orders) on the site by clicking the Menu icon top left, then News from the dropdown, and then Presidential Actions to find all.

      As to the contents themselves, I pretty much agree with them. The Dems will have a hard time suing to retract the Payroll Tax deferment (not forgiveness) since it is explicitly allowed by the law cited in itself, and will look bad for taking away money from working folks while advocating for giving money to the unemployed – that should go over big with voters. The unemployment order is brilliant (IMO) in that, while it lowers the amount, most voters are against paying people more for staying at home than they would get for working. And forcing states to pony up to participate (even if by using federal money) puts them between a rock and a hard place: you can lessen the problem by opening up more, or you can keep things closed and not give your people the federal benefit, and try to blame the feds who have already boasted about its availability..


      1. So Dumbwayne, you agree with permanently defunding Social Security and Medicare? Or you don’t understand much of anything? Which is it?


  2. I find his promises to be stupid as well, but not anywhere as bad as all of the past promises made by folks who never intended to make the system financial sustainable – made to buy votes today with taxes to be paid by future generations. He’s an ass. But, they reduced OASDI when Obama was president as well. He was an “economics idiot” – almost doubled out National debt in eight years. Now, Trump stupid is trying to do the same with the help of Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell.

    Next, the idiots will embrace MMT.

    Nixon, Ford and Carter all messed with the system – unsustainable COLA anyone? Carter left it for Reagan to come up with a “cure”.

    Pretty much every president since Reagan has ignored trust fund inadequacy (Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama and now Trump) while Bush II added $10+ Trillion to the unfunded liability when they gave us Medicare Part D so Bush II could be reelected.

    There is a long, sorry, stupid … well worn path here. Even an idiot like Trump sees that there is no penalty for shifting more of the burden to people who are not old enough to vote, or those generations yet unborn.


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