What you don’t know…about money … can co$t you.

According to research half (57%) of Americans meet the measure for financial literacy. There is also a correlation between financial literacy and proficiency in math.

Another survey found that 69% of Americans don’t understand compound interest.

Free money. In this example $4,743.49 … for doin nuttin🤑

WHEN IT COMES TO MATH Over half of Asians/Pacific Islanders (52%) scored at or above the proficient level in math, while one-third (33%) of whites scored in this range; fewer (6%–12%) 12th grade black, Hispanic, or American Indian/Alaska Native students scored at or above the proficient level in math.


Is there any wonder so many Americans get into one financial mess or another? And much of the time blame others for their money issues; student loans, unfair mortgages, credit card balances… people taking advantage of them. 😢


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  1. It will only get worse. Think about how and when you learned about money. In my case, I was a paperboy counting nickels and dimes. Saving my money to buy a new bike to better deliver my papers. For others it might have been babysitting. Now there are workers who can’t even make change if the cash register doesn’t tell them how much. Give a kid $10.09 for a $9.09 tab and they will have a meltdown.

    Now we are a cashless society. Until the card gets declined, nobody cares about the details. We are becoming more dependent on the government as a welfare state as proven by the bank bailouts and even the covid-19 free money. Even seniors want more social security benefits and COLAs. Everything should be free without working for it according to the vocal liberal youth. Free doesn’t require using math.

    I know people who never balance their checkbooks nor ever take their change. If you don’t believe that pennies count research how some of these credit card processors and banks make their money. They make some of their money by earning interest on overnight holding of your money or a transaction fee of just a fraction of a penny. There is a reason why some brokerage firms now calculate share prices to 6 digits. Because they make money or save money on that little fraction of a dollar. It all adds up but nobody actually does any math these days. Computers do it all and people have no idea if they are right.


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