Why you might not know that Trump is threatening your Social Security – MarketWatch

The following quote is from an opinion piece. It caught my eye for two reasons. It’s about Social Security and second it’s a good example of misleading writing. The writer talks about the media being played.

Here’s the real ignorance; no president can make a tax cut permanent. It’s all political bluster.

Take a look at the full article at the link below.

“If victorious on November 3rd,” the president said on Aug. 8th, “I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax.” He then added: “I’m going to make them all permanent.” So when Trump talks of a “payroll tax cut,” you might think that sounds great. A tax cut! But this is deceptive election year politics, designed to take advantage of voter ignorance. Anyone in the media that’s going along with Trump’s framing of this as a mere tax cut is also being played.

Source: Why you might not know that Trump is threatening your Social Security – MarketWatch


  1. As far as I know the only times the that any president can affect change is by directing one of the many departments and agencies to follow a new direction or to create new regulations within the current laws set by Congress. The president can affect foreign policy and bring light to domestic issue and even drive the stock market by his words, but they are not the law. Only when the president’s party controls both houses can he get his party to actually pass a new law. Trump is still considered an outside to the old time republicans because his didn’t play by their rules.

    Even when the same party controls everything, very little gets done.
    2017-2019 Trump / Republicans
    2009-2011 Obama / Democrats
    2003-2007 Bush / Republican
    1993-1995 Clinton / Democrats
    1977-1981 Carter / Democrats
    1961-1969 Democrats

    In my lifetime, before I googled what was passed during these periods, the only thing that came to mind when a president actually got credit or blame for was Obamacare and the Civil Rights Act under Johnson. There were some other very important acts passed and the were passed by no one party in total control so they must have been really important.

    Until 1969, the three branches were control by the same party for decades at a time, unlike today where they barely keep control for more than one term of Congress. Unless the president is skillful at getting congress to compromise, nothing is going to happen. Every congressman is worried about their sound bites and twitter feeds.

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