Did you see this in the media?

Once again Social Security is caught up in politics and misinformation abounds. Destroy Social Security, accelerate the trust depletion date? Nope‼️

“Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, however, says that Social Security funding won’t drop. Money will be transferred from the federal government’s general fund to the Social Security trust funds to cover any payroll tax amounts not collected, according to Mnuchin. That would likely add more to the nation’s debt, though.

Potential Problems with the Executive Order

The executive order only defers Social Security payroll taxes – it doesn’t eliminate them. The tax will have to be withheld and paid ratably from paychecks issued between January 1, 2021, and April 30, 2021. It would take Congressional action to actually wipe out the tax debt.”



  1. That’s good to read; however, you underestimate the evil in the minds of Trump and Moscow Mitch at your own peril. They will kill SS if they can find a way. Moscow Mitch is on record saying Republicans would “cut entitlements” to offset the increased deficit caused by their tax cut to the very wealthy. And don’t forget that Bush (the dumb one) tried hard to privatize SS. It’s in Republicans DNA!


    1. I find that most of my liberal Trump hating obsessed friends tend to become mired in the Trump hating and lose perspective. 60+ million Americans (voters) rely on Social Security with tens of millions close behind. Do you seriously think any group of politicians would seriously attempt to eliminate SS? Even a perceived serious attempt would be political suicide.


      1. I think you answered your own question. CAMPAIGN/PROMISE. The real question is to whom is the promise made? Certainly not any thinking voter. No matter what to change SS requires the action by Congress not any president.


      2. Mr. Quinn, you have been printing those words for years regarding SS. “Trump hater” is the warmed over conservative response to any criticism of Trump. And, you are forgetting or overlooking that fact that he is an adulterer, a sexual predator, a pathological liar, a xenophobe, a racist, a white supremacist, a narcissist, a hedonist, a sociopath, a draft dodger, a financial failure, a Russian agent / sympathizer and a misogynist. Vladimir Putin achieved the greatest accomplishment in the history of international espionage when he installed his puppet in the white House. I’ll never forget the fat Russians in the oval office toasting their victory on Trumps first day in office.


      3. Forget Trump. I could care less about him. Focus on the long term big picture and the reality of politics, especially when it comes to SS and Medicare.


    1. Congress, even a Republican Congress would never let it happen. More worried about Congresses for decades ignoring the Trustees urging to make the program solvent and sustainable. Even the Democratic House has ignored the depletion of the Trust and ignored the bipartisan Social Security 2100 proposed legislation.


      1. Furthermore, Mr. Quinn: You keep printing that eliminating Social Security would be “political suicide” for anyone. You are forgetting that most Trumpists are uneducated or poorly educated white supremacists who know virtually nothing about national or international events and politics. There are also some very wealthy supporters who are benefiting from the tax cuts that he gives them and the deregulations that are enriching them while destroying our planet. Not all Trumpists are racists, but all racists are Trumpists. They are members of a mesmerized personality cult believing that Trump can do no wrong and that the only truth is what comes out of Trump’s lying mouth. If Trump eliminated Social Security, he would not lose the support of his mindless cultists. Trump obviously does not give one damn about the 190,000+ people who have died from the pandemic – most of which died because of his gross incompetence. Trump said “open all the schools completely or I will take away your federal assistance” not caring how many children, teachers or support staff might sicken or die. Trump said that our military dead were “losers” and “suckers”. Not understanding why our military dead died serving and saving our country, Trump said, “I don’t get it. What was in it for them”? You and I are a both about the same age and are receiving Social Security. Given that Trump very obviously doesn’t give a damn about the lives of our nation’s children, teachers, the members of our military or about the lives of people whose skin is not white; what makes you think that he gives a damn about the lives of our nation’s senior citizens and what makes you believe that his support from Trumpists would decline even one vote? Indeed, the Trumpist Republican lieutenant governor of Covid-19 ravaged Texas said that, “some of our elderly citizens may have to be sacrificed for the good of our economy”!


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