I’m insulted

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., want to help ease the financial burden on the nearly 43 million people who hold federal education loans by canceling up to $50,000 in loan debt.


You may not agree with my opinion, but that’s okay. I am just tired of the point of view embodied in the above.

Millions of Americans over many decades built their lives with hard work, effort, sacrifice and overcoming many obstacles. That includes native born and immigrant Americans, many who overcame extra obstacles like language and racism.

They worked their way through college, they worked their way up in a job, they may have worked extensive overtime or two jobs, they may have started a business.

They experienced four major wars, a pandemic, several dreaded illnesses mostly a memory today, a depression and a major drought.

They served in the military by choice or the draft, but they served.

The asked for little they didn’t earn. Who eased their financial burden?

We seem to have gone from the greatest generation to the greatest generation of complainers.


  1. What about those who worked their way through school? What about those who already paid off their student loan debts? What about the next generation, does the promise of debt forgiveness apply to them? How about parents who loaned their kids monies, will the government pay them off too?

    Hey, how about student loan debt so you could send your kid to a decent elementary school?

    This is just more vote buying.


  2. I wonder how many young people today have heard of “Horatio Alger”? He was an early 20th century writer of inspiration “rags to riches” novels about young men who through determination and honest hard work would rise from their humble beginnings and poverty to become rich and famous [or at least comfortably middle-class.]


  3. In trying to decide what form of government this then new nation would take, the Founding Fathers made some observations. In a world still basically ruled by monarchs, they found a universal practice amongst these kings and queens: they separated their societies by class, and made “law” applied to each class. Those who were critical to the support of the ruler received rewards while others were, at best, overlooked. It was that distinction that our Founders sought to eliminate. Therefore, handing out money from the taxpayers’ treasury to pay off the student loans is wrong.


  4. Total agreement here. Also, who decide to take on that debt? Not me. The average working taxpayer didn’t agree to pay for their debt. How many spent money on a degree that they didn’t finish or don’t use? And no money should go to housing or sport programs. If you want to move away from home that’s your problem. For most every degree, people could have chosen local community colleges and state schools.

    If this were to happen, tuition would rise by $50k. I believe that one reason that tuition is out of control is because the federal government guarantees the loans and the VA pays for schooling too. No private bank would make these loans. Colleges and private tech schools need a “truth in lending” paper like on mortgages. Spending $250K for a social worker degree that will only pay $35K will take you X years to pay back. Instead, government policy and high schools push everybody to college, no matter what the cost because it is worth it.

    There are ways to get the government to pay for certain schooling such as engineers, doctors and even teachers by serving in the military or agreeing to serve several years in a underserved poor communities. If you don’t have the means and don’t want to serve, don’t make me pay for your decision to take on the debt. You buy as much house as you can afford. Your education is no different. A house is a house and degree is degree in most cases for most people.


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