What are they thinking? What are they thinking about you?

Quite a wish list isn’t it? He forgot to mention improve Social Security and increase the COLA.

Oh yes, also making both Social Security and Medicare trusts solvent would be nice as well.

All this during an economic crisis when we should be spending new debt not on new and ongoing promises but rather only on stimulating the economy.

Take notice; national debt is now 137% of GDP up from 56% in 2000. The US pays nearly $4 trillion a year in interest. If politicians are looking to find more money to spend, maybe lowering our interest expense is a better place to start.

All these new goodies and apparently no concern for the following. But we shouldn’t be surprised when an economics professor tells the American left none of this matters and that the federal government can simply print money as needed.

We are truly headed for that creek and no paddle.


  1. Mr. Quinn, Is there anyplace where we can find out who we are borrowing all this money from and how much of the USA is already owned by Saudi Arabia and China?


  2. Why do you need to lower Medicare to age 60 if they are going to restore Obamacare?
    I hate politicians. By definition, they are liars and that is how they get elected. This summer has taught many things and one of them is that my hate for politicians might be misplaced. It is the people I should blame. They keep re-electing the same liars. Seattle, Portland, Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, New Jersey, and I could go on. We are the problem. The liars just tell us what we want to hear not what we need to hear.


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