The Panic

“America’s premier financial institution collapses, and its demise has catastrophic effects on the nation. In a domino effect, other banks begin closing. The New York Stock Exchange closes for ten days. Bank after bank fails. The price of Treasury bonds plummets. Thousands of Americans lose their jobs as factories go out of business. The nation sees a wave of impoverishment, as the newly unemployed cannot find work. By sheer coincidence, America is further punished by a yellow fever epidemic. In addition, grasshoppers blacken the skies over Nebraska and Kansas in a plague of biblical proportions, descending only to feasts on the crops of local farmers.” **

In 2020, the “panic” consists of not receiving the next stimulus check, student loans. A 1.3% SS COLA and what am I entitled to that I am not receiving from “the government.”

Americans have forgotten (more like never learned) their history and about the real hardships faced and overcome by this Country. You don’t have to look only in the 19th century, but no matter, only what we define as hardship in a time our forefathers would be delighted to endure matters.

** The Panic of 1873 as described in Killing Crazy Horse

One comment

  1. Don’t Freak Out by John Stossel puts it all in perspective.

    No matter who you voted for during this election, life for most of us will go on as usual. I am surprised that so many think that the President (one man) can do so much to either make this country better or worse, if elected. When the Congress has so much more power than the President. I am 64 and no President or Congress has ever made my life better. That is my job, as decisions that I make every day on what to buy, or not buy, what to save for any emergencies or what to set aside for my family once I am no longer alive; have a much larger impact on me and my loved ones.


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