A cruel trick

States that have legalized marijuana (and other drugs) are not solving a problem, but rather using low income and minority citizens as an excuse to raise revenue and in the process creating more harm than good.

As you can see below, the claim is social, racial and economic justice. Exactly what does that mean? What’s being said is that black Americans are disproportionately jailed for using marijuana. Presumably lower income Americans are also unfairly targeted.

One has to ask the governor; does that mean no social or racial justice for anyone under age 21 caught using marijuana?

But the truth is economic. Gov Cuomo of NY expressed the need for more income via legalizing marijuana as recently as November 6, 2020. Just as with lotteries, legalizing drugs create revenue and in the process also does the most economic harm to lower income citizens.

If the real goal of progressive politicians was social and racial justice, the penalty for marijuana use could be a low level misdemeanor with minor fines or community service the result.

To obtain justice does not require encouraging drug use by placing retail stores on our streets thereby simplifying access and giving legitimacy to use. And about it being available only to those age 21+, just like cigarettes, right? Give me a break.

Politicians who decry ignoring science when it comes to climate change and COVID apparently have no problem when it comes to drugs.

Marijuana significantly impairs judgment, motor coordination, and reaction time, and studies have found a direct relationship between blood THC concentration and impaired driving ability.7–9


Marijuana also affects brain development. When marijuana users begin using as teenagers, the drug may reduce attention, memory, and learning functions and affect how the brain builds connections between the areas necessary for these functions.


The claim is often made that alcohol and smoking are not illegal, so why is marijuana, they are harmful too. Even if you believe the analogy, is that any reason to add another detrimental drug to the list?


  1. Marijuana is not very harmful and can be a lot of fun. I smoked often when I was an undergrad. I don’t think its any of your business whether others smoke.


    1. That simply is not true. Look up the medical evidence. Nothing what others do is my business as long as what they do has no adverse impact on others. That is not true in this case or alcohol for that matter.


      1. RD – Young people already have access to drugs both legal and illegal, and are more likely to try something because it is illegal. I saw a report from Colorado that says no increase in marijuana use by high school students, since it was made legal. The so called “drug war,” is just like all wars it causes undue harm to everyone involved.


      2. It’s interesting that you compare marijuana with alcohol. Do you want to bring back Prohibition as well? What do you think about the other things that the moralists among us have disapproved of so strongly? Remember “Ya Got Trouble”?

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  2. “The claim is often made that alcohol and smoking are not illegal, so why is marijuana, they are harmful too. Even if you believe the analogy, is that any reason to add another detrimental drug to the list?”

    We are not adding anything to the list. Marijuana is already available to anyone who wants it. We are just recognizing that having Marijuana illegal has not and will not stop it’s use, by otherwise law abiding citizens. If keeping Marijuana illegal solved any of the so called problems in society that are claimed, it would, I would be all for it. The 80 plus year prohibition on Marijuana has done nothing to better society. I think it has hurt society, by providing nothing but revenue to our courts and bodies for the private prison system we now have in our country. The courts have better things to do with the limited time in a day than hear Marijuana cases. Just as LGBT rights have gotten rid of outdated laws that do nothing to help society, this is a move in the right direction. Time for the police to spend their time going after real crimes and stop wasting resources on Marijuana enforcement. I am so tired of the “CHICKEN LITTLE” types that think that they know the best for people in a free society. We tried it with alcohol prohibition almost 100 years ago and did not learn from that lesson. At least now tax revenue can be used to help those who need it, just like the alcohol tax.


  3. And how did vaping work out? They put a store on every corner. Underage kids got and destroyed their lungs before covid. I am not saying that it can’t be sold or used, but no thought went into vapping or the chemical additives effects.

    The problem with marijuana is that there is no test to determine when you are safe to operate equipment. Is it 4 hrs, 24hrs or 30 days? Not a user, I don’t know. Even with alcohol, I could be still legally drunk the next morning after staying up watching Monday Night Football but feel fine. You would have thought the people who were pushing for legalization would have had a test ready like a breathalyzer.


    1. Dwayne – There is a test for DWI the police are very good at doing it on the side of the road, every day. Just like with alcohol or opioid drug abuse the police can enforce the DWI laws. I am a Marijuana user and the effects wear off much faster than alcohol and never reach the level of intoxication of alcohol. I use Marijuana at home and never drive while intoxicated, just like I did from age 21 to age 45 when I used alcohol.


      1. Do you reflect the norm for users? Don’t you think legitimizing it will lead to more younger people gaining access.


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