The realities of life many people don’t get

Idealism, naïvety, all the good intentions in the world don’t overcome reality. Here’s my list.

  • You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Pursuit being the operative word.
  • A college degree is no guarantee of success or higher income
  • If you seek fulfillment working in non-profit or government or the arts, your income will always reflect that decision
  • The time will come that to achieve a higher salary, you will need to change jobs
  • Equal pay in its purist form is an illusion unless you believe individual performance and results should be ignored
  • Every decision you make in life, good or bad, has consequences sooner or later
  • For those struggling financially the problem is both spending and income. Failing to assess both guarantees future problems
  • Government has no money, it must take it from citizens or borrow it and take interest payments from citizens.
  • Relying on a minimum wage job at any hourly rate dooms a person to the bottom of the economic ladder
  • Overcoming what life throws at us take determination and grit, not blaming others or making excuses
  • A broad education and historical knowledge and perspective matter as does mastering the basics of reading, writing, math and especially communication skills.

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