Why doing the right thing is so hard … protecting your Ox

Look at this Tweet, look who posted it and who is referenced.

The Bowels-Simpson plan did not call for “massive cuts,” it was a plan that attempted to make SS solvent …which of, course, was ignored.

No matter, it makes good fodder for those who continue to play politics or are simply so naive they have no ability to address a serious problem in any logical manner considering all the consequences of proposed solutions.

Social Security 2100 was proposed legislation with bi-partisan support which has also been ignored. Rather, the political left sees a solution in merely raising taxes and raising benefits and raising debt.


  1. Mik – I think you may be right. The only thing the average citizen can do is adjust their budget and only spend on needs. It is the only way to keep your standard of living in tact. Things are going to get more expensive with the D’s in power in D.C. Just like in all the Blue States that the D’s control.

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