Don’t pose THAT question.

I recently posted a question on a Facebook retirement planning group. Basically the question was why should retired Americans be entitled to higher COLAs when many working Americans have just as much trouble keeping up with inflation.

Remember, the question was about higher COLAs, not questioning the current COLA formula.

Take a look:

I was shocked at the responses which called for deleting the question, and, of course, claimed retirees deserved higher COLAs because they needed to cope with inflation.

But then I saw the above. Too much discussion (mostly in disagreement) and promoting a political point of view?

There is nothing political in my question. It’s logical and serious, but that does not matter. Anything related to Social Security has been politicized, Americans are mislead and too many are simply focused on themselves regardless of the consequences.


  1. After seeing the censorship by “mainstream social media” during the elections, my theory of the usefulness of Facebook et al. is confirmed: “a platform for taking pictures of your dog and last night’s meal.”

    Honest and open discussions such as yours Mr. Quinn are greatly appreciated.

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  2. Let’s see if the burning and rioting and lock downs and death rates all magically stop – or at least are reported differently or not reported at all starting January 21st. Some would say a sea change on the 21st is proof that it is all Trump’s fault. Others would know the reality.

    However, expect the censorship to continue. It is why Trump should stick a stake into 47 U.S. Code § 230 – Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material, as he has proposed as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.

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  3. I am not a Facebook user but I’ll bet you can find thousand of posts demanding COLAs.

    Big Tech, mainstream media, and YouTube have been heavily censoring both the right and coronavirus stories by not allowing any dissenting points of view. Some so called fact checkers have been found to be paid by the left and are being support by big tech and the media. I try to verify stories on non-US news sites to get a less bias news reports. Before called me a Trump supporter, it doesn’t take a genus to look at TV news reports of the “peaceful protests” with buildings burning to the ground and the riot police to know something wrong. THis goes beyond Trump.

    Over a week ago, a John Hopkins professor gave a presentation stating that the number of covid deaths statistically did not make sense and the college newspaper ran an article on her statements. The professor questioned why the US has not record an extra 270K death above the annual average of US deaths. She stated more research must be done to explain this. A few days later the college paper retracted the article stating that it was misinformation. This professor never claimed that people were not dying from covid-19 but question both John Hopkins and the CDC numbers. Did people stop having heart attacks and stop dying from cancer by 270K so that the death rate remained the same during this year?

    Things have gotten so bad that I re-read 1984. The democrats are calling for a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” while George Orwell called it the Ministry of Truth which put out nothing but lies. We have reached a point in our country where opposing points are view are no longer debated but censored.

    I also failed to see how you asking a question about the failure to spend 40 years planning is political.

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      1. I am at a lost too. One report had the raw numbers which did show an increase of deaths. That report also showed that annual US deaths is rising every year with the growth of the population and “implied” that the percentage remained the same but did not state it as such. What is really needed is a per capita comparison with numbers that can be verified. In my county, per the governor, you are going to die if you go outside. People are not dropping dead in the street. The actual percentage of dead is 0.11% using NJ DOH numbers. Remove those over 60 and it drops to 0.027% for the rest of the population. I have no idea if this is a lot or a little. I have no idea how many people died last year or the year before from all causes in my county. You have to be really good at pulling the data from the CDC raw numbers for all deaths in prior years to ensure comparing apples to apples and I cannot do that.

        I am wondering if we will ever know the truth after the response to covid-19 and lockdowns around the world are studied for years at what worked and what did not work. All I do know is that there is no way China has had only 3000 more cases and 47 more deaths since July, having 4x the population of the US and being the most populous country in the world.

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