All that stuff

What’s not to like? Thousands of people liked these Tweets, some wanted more. One Tweeter said there wasn’t enough for black Americans who deserve more.

It seems there is no such thing as an American, but only xxx Americans who want more for themselves be it older Americans, students or any number of minority groups.

And amazingly, despite many world examples, these folks seem to be under a delusion all these promises can be paid for by that poorly defined group of wealthy Americans or not paid for at all… that and without regard to any consequences long or short-term.

I especially like the combination of free college and legal marijuana. That should help extend graduating beyond five years. 😁

I bet even the old Federalists could never imagine the state of Americans, maybe old Ben Franklin could though.


  1. Medicare is already in trouble, so let’s go ahead and expand it to age 60, and add more benefits. The part B premiums will go up for all of us. I like Medicare the way it is now, this year, I have spent $78 on one dental cleaning and $300 on 2 pair of glasses for my wife. I do not want to pay higher
    Medicare premiums, but I know it is coming.

    RD – I wish you would just realize that Marijuana is already on all College Campuses. Making it legal is going to free up Police resources to go after higher priority criminals, and raise some tax dollars, instead of those dollars going to the Drug Cartels.

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