“Wealth accumulates by not spending money you could.”

The title of this post is taken from a recent article on HumbleDollar. It’s one of those simple statements that reflect a great deal more than is written. Read the full post and you will see what I mean.

I love these words because they are so true. The implication to me is you don’t unnecessarily spend money you have to spend, but it’s more than that. I see it as not spending money you don’t have as in living above your means using credit.

We hear plenty these days about money people don’t have, about inequality and unfairness, but I have yet to hear a politician or pundit say a word about spending, unnecessary, non-necessity spending to meet our instant gratification needs or keep up with the Joneses.

One comment

  1. Then here’s a word about the problem of avoiding unnecessary spending: Not everyone has this problem. My wife and I have just never cared about spending. I’m interested in money problems, but not really personally involved. My wife isn’t even interested. If we had been born in poverty, I suppose, we would be more engaged, but as it is, nothing we really valued in life could be purchased with more money.


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