Good news for seniors☹️

In their infinite short-term wisdom politicians fudged the 2021 Medicare Part B premium.

The premium increase was capped at 25% of the increase that normally would have occurred based on Medicare spending.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services say that the legislation the president signed “significantly dampens the 2021 Medicare Part B premium increase.

I’ll say‼️ The premium should have been $160.00 to accurately reflect Medicare spending. instead, because of the cap the 2021 premium is $148.50, an increase of $3.90.

But remember, Medicare costs still increased and they will increase again in 2021. I wonder what the strategy will be to fudge the numbers in 2022 when it’s time to play catch-up?

One comment

  1. I will start paying Medicare premiums in Jan 2021. I am sure our COLA for 2022 will be double the 2021 COLA. Then the 2022 Medicare premium will go to $170+, playing catchup. For most the only thing that can be counted on with SS COLAs is it will help pay for Medicare premium increases. ADJUST SPENDING, DOWN, EACH AND EVERY YEAR! What this really means for most Americans, is with inflation and slow income growth, your standard of living is going down each year, not up, no matter how much your income increases. The only way I have increased my standard of living is control spending, the one thing almost everyone has control over.


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