Goodbye Assets – Are college expenses in your future?

They don’t take green stamps for college, but they will take every penny you have saved.

We hear a great deal about the student loan crisis, but we hear very little about the real problems that contribute to it.

It takes too long to obtain a degree, students are unprepared for college, many jobs do not actually require a four year degree, college is too expensive.

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The National Center for Education Statistics reports that it takes six years for 62% of incoming public university freshmen to graduate. The number rises slightly to 67% for private nonprofit schools, but drops precipitously to 25% for private for-profit schools. The six-year rate varies based on school selectivity, with a six-year graduation rate of 90% for schools with selective acceptance—meaning just one out of four are admitted—but only 34% for schools with open admissions.

Source: Goodbye Assets – HumbleDollar

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  1. I don’t see the problem for the rest of us. That is, for those of us who don’t owe for college loans. It’s not surprising to me that people with unpaid loans would ask to be let off the hook, of course they would, but why should we agree? Let them pay their obligations, when they can, and relax. It’s not a crisis. What a strange idea it is to make the cost seem to be less by devaluing the degrees they paid for with borrowed money.


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