Opinion you say?

  • Congress did not steal the Social Security trust funds
  • Members of Congress do not receive their pay for life
  • Members of Congress do not receive free or better health care coverage than all Americans
  • Illegal immigrants do not receive Social Security benefits

These are facts, pure and simple. Nonetheless, many Americans believe the opposite. [peruse this blog for more info on each].

Even worse when I posted this information one reply said, “that’s your opinion.” When we can’t differentiate between fact and opinion, we are going nowhere.


  1. “Members of Congress do not receive free or better health care coverage than all Americans”

    You mean “than other Americans”.


  2. While illegals may not qualify for various benefits, their anchor babies do, and in fact cost this country a substantial amount.


    1. Illegals receive emergency health care, pregnant women and children can receive care as needed. What is the alternative? On the other hand, illegal immigrants pay tens of billions in SS payroll taxes and never collect a penny in benefits. This far outweighs the cost of health care.


      1. “What is the alternative?”

        We must recognize that recent immigrants and their offspring have BAD BLOOD. They don’t deserve the benefits of a truly civilized society such as ours. It’s not a question of dollars and cents.


      2. There’s no issue of “Bad Blood”. There is a loss of National sovereignty when borders are no longer enforced. Obviously, no country can pay for the needs of the world. No country can endlessly invite unbridled immigration. The experiment of those who think otherwise is costly more than just monetarily.


      3. “There is a loss of National sovereignty when borders are no longer enforced.”

        Is there? Free movement across borders is a goal of the countries in the EU. Has France lost her national sovereignty? Germany?


  3. Dwayne, Oh we see the dangers, but with a corrupt MEDIA and a corrupt Government working together, there is very little we can do about it.
    M – Making
    E – Everyone
    D – Dumber
    I – In
    A – America


  4. That person who said “that’s your opinion” is probably a
    Recent college graduate from one of our fine universities.
    Where they learned absolutely nothing!


  5. Maybe by framing the conversation a bit differently can we arrive at a stronger truth:
    1) How is SS funded and has Congress met its obligations to do so?
    2) What are the perks Congressmen (women) receive?
    3) What are the health benefits Congress receives?
    4) What programs are illegal immigrants able to benefit from?


    1. That is what someone will learn if they take time to look at the facts …rather than accepting and passing around the next meme that comes along. 🙄


      1. People are lazy, I think that many just want to be able to “GOOGLE” things and cherry pick and say see, “I was right”. They want to hear that their opinions are correct and everything conforms to their worldview, of things. When they come across a few facts that prove otherwise, they deflect and say stuff like – “that’s your opinion.”
        When I tell people that they did not pay for the Social Security benefits that they will receive over 20 to 25 plus years, I hear, but I paid FICA taxes all those years. Or, if I would of been able to invest those tax dollars myself, I would have done better. I really doubt it, and you have to ask would the investments provide COLAs, lifetime benefits, survivor benefits for children, lifetime benefits for spouse, disability benefits and Medicare benefits, at the same level. When I show them the cost of most things did not go up faster than the COLA, all they say is we should still get more. Citizens in the USA, actually believe that President Trump is the worst President ever and no facts on the economy, immigration, history, or standard of living will get them to believe anything else.


    2. Even if you put hyperlinks to the various government websites that have the facts and copies of the law, people still do not believe what the truth is. People do not trust the government but they trust and vote for politicians who repeatedly tell them what they want to hear.
      Mainstream media and big tech censure or outright block differing opinions. They block sitting elected officials and just this week Facebook took down a Tennessee towns official page because they didn’t agree with the town’s mayor. How long before they ban Mr. Quinn?
      And yes, Trump’s final days on twitter, well he was an idiot. But he was the the president and now several other countries are starting to take steps to prevent that from happening to their politicians. So sad that other countries see the dangers but we can’t.


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