Senior Assumptions

THERE ARE ADVANTAGES to being old. We seniors can leverage the widespread perception that we’re all poor, incapable of decision-making and inept at using technology.

I have fun with this.

We recently went car shopping. As we left the house, my wife turned and said, “You’re going dressed like that?” “What’s wrong with the way I look?” I’m in my well-worn jeans, flannel shirt, suspenders and battered baseball cap. “You look like a pauper.” Ah, but that’s the idea.

I could sense the initial lack of enthusiasm by the Jaguar salesman. Imagine what he thought when my 80-year-old wife scrutinized the sales agreement and told him we were overcharged by $314.85. They sent us a check.

In the good old days, when my wife and I would go out to eat, we’d occasionally receive the bill with a discount applied. I would delight in asking why the discount. “It’s a senior discount,” I’m told, whereupon I’d ask how the server knows I’m a senior.

Discounts abound for older Americans, all under the assumption we need them without regard to actual income or wealth. I play golf a couple of times a week and receive a reduced fee simply because I’m over age 65. Think about that: I can afford to play golf as often as I want—and yet somebody else is willing to subsidize me.

A senior discount on public transportation is one thing. But on a cruise? Yes, those also exist.


Source: Senior Assumptions – HumbleDollar


  1. When we were young I tried to get an ID that reflected being 21, when I turned 50 I tried to get an ID that showed I was 60 but I was never questioned to get that senior discount and we are pretty well off


  2. Richard, the assumption is not that you are poor because you are old. The assumption is that they want more of your disposable income and therefore offer a discount to entice you back. But, you knew this already.


    1. That may be true in some cases, but golf? On the other hand if the want you back thing applies, why only discounts to seniors.


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