$1,400 in the bank?

There is no doubt that millions of Americans can use their $1,400 for basic living expenses if they have been out of work or experienced an income reduction as a result of the pandemic.

I’m not so sure that is true for all the recipients, especially millions of retired Americans.

Nevertheless, just curious.

How will you be using your $1400?


  1. Being retired, I didn’t need the checks either because my income never changed. But with this check I might actually be able to totally spend it locally to get the money into my local small businesses. My town lost at least a dozen small businesses that were forced to closed.

    I suspect that we will support a lot more fund raisers since most fund raising events have been cancelled for the past year. It was great when the Girls Scouts figured out how to do drive thru cookie sales last month. Can’t wait for other social charity events.


  2. My wife and I are retired and really don’t need the money. We are going to put some of the money in our nephew’s college fund. I’m going to blow a couple hundred on dinner at the best restaurant in town and buy a new nail gun.


  3. Retired. Don’t really need this. Donated the last $600. This time may buy new laptop but more likely to invest it in dividend paying stock.


  4. Ours is being deposited into my best friends mothers savings account. She is recently widowed, 89 years old with only social security. She can definitely use it. The last freebie of 1200 went there too.


  5. Senior citizen with no need for the money. Pad the already-healthy savings account to use later when I decide what for. Maybe that trip to Glacier National Park.


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