A traumatic experience

Yesterday was memorable for me, it was traumatic.

I left home and forgot my iPhone. I was virtually naked. Don’t laugh, this is serious stuff.

First, I went to get a long anticipated cup of Starbucks, but since I didn’t have my app, I couldn’t pay, even worse, no stars.

Then I went to the supermarket and froze when I realized the shopping list was on my iPhone app.

Next crisis, my frequent shopper card was on the phone too. What discounts did I miss? On my, I also lost points toward my free Easter ham😢

Planned to take money from an ATM; my debit card is in my IPhone wallet.

Was my wife ready to be picked up at her meeting? I’ll just send her a text … or maybe not.

Worst of all; while waiting in the parking lot for my wife I watch shows on Britbox. No iPhone, no Mrs Browns Boys. Crisis‼️

Good thing I was close to home, without Apple Play I’d never find my way back.


  1. I am 65 and I forget my cell phone almost every time I leave the house, not because of memory problems, I just find it easier to use cash or credit cards, for cash back points. In fact I am on vacation at my son’s in OK and have $3,000 in cash and $3,500 in silver in my locked ammo box, lol. Always be prepared. What happens if your phone, or credit and debt cards stop working for some known or unknown reason?


  2. I refused to get a cell phone until retired and it is about 4 generations old. I consider myself lucky. Sometimes I choose to forget to take it with me. I use it more for the camera unless I am ordering lunch on the road.

    Unlike some people I know, I can tell you how to get somewhere without a cell phone because I pay attention to my surroundings and not a 3×5″ screen.

    But the bigger question is how did I survive without a bicycle helmet? When I ride now, it is with lights, helmet, and high visibility vest and people still don’t see me. Maybe it is because they are looking at their phones.


  3. That’s a good one. I remember when to didn’t need an IPhone to go to the bathroom either. How did I survived all those years. Thanks for the memories.😁


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