Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Paddy’s Day 2021

I need a new mask.

May the luck of the Irish ☘️ be with you in 2021 and the only reason you turn green is from the temporary affect of your second vaccine jab.

My name is Irish, my great, great grandfather came from County Clare, but every time my DNA results are updated, I become more English, Scandinavian and German. Maybe I’m a Viking!


  1. Happy St. Patricks Day! I have only 3% Irish DNA (according to my latest update), but that’s enough to celebrate!


  2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too. Re your heritage, that’s ok, last time I went on Ancestry, they left my father’s name from my Ancestry at least they show your family~~


  3. I’m an Irish/European woke culture victim…enlightened society needs a whipping boy/boogeyman man and my ethnicity fits the legalized discrimination profile…please send help.


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