Support Federal Child Care Funding!

I understand this issue, I understand the need and the hardship lack of child care creates.

What I don’t understand is how as a society we got to the point where we need government to help take care of our children. How we reached the point where two income families are a necessity or why the US has the highest rate of single parent households in the world with many of them being never married women.

Actually I do understand, but I’m sure no one wants to hear it.

Below from the Center for American Progress

“Before the pandemic even began, the U.S. lost $57 billion in revenue, productivity, and wages annually simply due to a lack of adequate federal investment in child care.”

“Because of this choice, more than half of all Americans live in child care deserts — areas where demand for space in licensed child-care programs far outpaces local capacity. Black and multiracial parents are nearly twice as likely to have to quit their job, not take a new job, or greatly change their job due to issues with child care. And early educators make poverty-level wages in 40 states. “


  1. Having children you can’t afford is child neglect at the least. If you can’t afford kids, don’t have them. Mandatory birth control should be imposed as a condition on any receipt of welfare, WIC, section 8, etc…


  2. “What I don’t understand is how as a society we got to the point where we need government to help take care of our childr
    Here is how that happened. Humans differ from other animals in transmitting knowledge from generation to generation non-biologically, by language and culture. As our civilization has advanced over the last few millennia, the cultural burden of what needs to passed on to the next generation has increased exponentially. Now, we need our children to be schooled longer and longer. Now 12 years,, and arguably 16. That’s expensive. The burden has outstripped the capacity of many families to support it. We need other mechanisms to transfer resources to hard-pressed parents. so they can help their children fit into the modern world.

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  3. Thanks Quinn. Entitlement comes to mind and unless the flow stops Americans will continue to ask.

    On better news are you ready to book your next cruise? I remember it was thanks to the articles you wrote during that eventful voyage that I got to “meet” you.

    My wife and I hope to sail, for the third time, the Seine River in August. This was supposed to happen August 2020.

    Martin Brasstown, NC.

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    1. I’m ready for the next cruise or trip anywhere. We’ve done the Seine a couple of times. Love all the river cruises, but we’ve run out of rivers.

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      1. Try something more exciting. If you like cruises, try the Galapagos, or Antarctica, or the Amazon. or the Nile, or the Mekong. Or go on a safari in Africa. Or go to Borneo, or China, or Mongolia, or Namibia, or stay in the US and see Yellowstone, or Yosemite, or the Grand Canyon, or Bryce and Zion. Europe is great, but expand your horizons. If you think that these are not for old people, I have done most of these in the last few years, and I am closer to 80 than 75.

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