I’m not interested

I recently had a Twitter discussion with someone. It started when he commented on a Sen Warren Tweet about forgiving student loans. He couldn’t wait for her to help relieve him of his debt.

Needless to say I didn’t agree so we went back and forth. Times were different he said, wages were stagnant, college cost more, and on and on repeating the progressive mantra of unfairness and crisis.

The tweeting finally stopped with his last:

I’m not interested in your elderly white man, out of touch pov.

Is elderly better than old? At least he didn’t say privileged.

I thought that pretty much said it all. I think what he actually meant to say was:

“Let me wallow in my world of self pity and victimization. I’m not interested in any comparisons with previous generations. I want what I’m told I deserve.”


  1. Since it’s Easter Sunday, here’s a Bible lesson: In Luke 17, Jesus compared the evil end of the age to the “days of Noah” and “days of Lot” [Lot lived in Sodom] twin Bible examples of evil societies past the point of no return who God destroyed. But God saved Noah and Lot because they were “out of touch” with the evil societies of their time.

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  2. I guess I would have responded “Let’s all cry together”. When he needed help, taxpayers financed his need with a 0% loan while attending.

    While I too financed most of my children’s undergraduate degrees, they both found a way to complete their graduate degrees on their own. Myself, I financed all but $500 of my four degrees – working full time during the day, attending at night or on line for 11+ years.

    It’s not as if student debt is an unbearable burden. 2019 data show the median student debt to be $17,000. Those with significant burdens are mostly those who pursued graduate or professional degrees. The burden is perrhas worst for those who borrowed, but did not complete their education; followed closely by those who are unemployed or underemployed.

    70% – 75% of adult Americans do not have a degree. Lots to be thankful for.

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  3. Quinn, I loved it! “Out of touch pov”, I had to Google pov. As a non Tweet guy I might be considered the same, but on the other hand I would have appreciated some one to give me some guidance during my 20’s and 30’s. After my second marriage all got much better because I found my guidance on a very responsible wife and now we got more than we deserve. So, don’t be disappointed by a few and rest assure you have and will make a difference.



    1. He resented that I paid for my children to go to college saying they were privileged ignoring the fact I remortgaged my house twice to do it.


      1. Back in the day, my father sold a large part of his farm to send my brother to the university.. My brother also worked part-time and received a science scholarship which enabled him to get his PhD and post-doctorate at Cal-Tech. He became a NASA scientist. He was one of the pioneering scientists on the Apollo moon missions and one of the last Apollo era scientists to retire from NASA after a 42 year career.

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  4. It’s so disappointing that we have a large number of people that think this way in our culture. They elect to go to college, they elect to take on debt. They are the ones that signed the loan agreement. They used the money as they saw fit. However when it comes time to repay their debt, then it should be someone else’s responsibility.
    My first priority when I graduated was to payoff my student loan.
    It sickens me to listen to the lack of personal responsibility in our culture.

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  5. “I’m not interested in your elderly white man, out of touch pov”.

    Dick… you have been officially cancelled. Wear it like a badge of honor.😆


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