Assumptions and points of view and oh yes, what are they thinking.

This group made the mistake of Tweeting an example to promote their services. Perhaps they thought that average people could adjust the example based on their incomes. It was a big mistake. But frankly I’m not surprised. The comments below reflect the general American attitude of woe is me, I’ll never get what I deserve.

Take a look at the replies I copied from the Tweet.

Hey Sarah, I bet you have a pension and likely retiree health benefits, most teachers do. Think total compensation. I don’t know about Nietzsche, but “privilege” is earned over many years. Barbara, get a clue. There are teachers, blue color workers and union leaders who make $100,000+

Cyd, get a clue, there are many responsible Americans who have substantial savings, but didn’t you think that the example can be adjusted for actual income? Daniel, your perspective on money and investing is out of wack. How much of that $100 do you think they get to keep?Check your spending relative to your income. Jeff, I bet you aren’t poor.

Gary, nobody lost their retirement unless they sold at the bottom out of panic. If they had stayed the course, they would be sitting pretty today. Who is stopping you from doing better? Susan, have you looked at your total income and the value of your government retirement plans? Believe it or not there are teachers in some states earning that much.

Sandra, college degrees, even four don’t guarantee anything, especially wealth. That’s up to you. Flamepulse, don’t blame America, blame yourself. Pete, good for you.

Ashley, not most, but many and even more households. Evaporated? How does that work? Mike, that’s the right attitude alright.

Rob, unless you are in the bottom 20% income wise, and all your life, what’s your excuse? The NittyGritty, get a grip. Do something about it instead of letting yourself be brainwashed. Marcy, who said most people?


  1. America is still the land of opportunity.
    I immigrated here a long time ago as a single mom. Frankly, I’m so tired of reading comments from complainer….
    You have a choice to ignore if what you see does not jive with your thinking.
    If you’re jealous about 100k income you don’t make, you can change your job or improve your marketability.
    Hope you all get my point.
    Let’s be positive!

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  2. Victims all… They might like to consider that:
    1- The world is not fair.
    2- You are not guaranteed anything in life.
    3- You have to make your own luck
    4- Making excuses for your choices doesn’t help your situation.
    5- Failing to plan is planning to fail.
    6- Looking at only one side of an equation doesn’t give you the big picture.
    As has been said many times on your blog, If you lack financial literacy, your education regardless of how many degrees you have, is incomplete.

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