Bigger concern

Scan the papers and the news media and you will find any number of newsworthy problems, problems that cause division and animosity among Americans.

Problems that are mostly internally focused on what we Americans want, deserve and are entitled to and what we are told is unfair.

Even debate over environmental issues makes it appear we are the center of the world.

The fact is none of what we focus on is our biggest problem, the problem that will change our standing in the world, our very way of life.


  1. China in my opinion is a threat for many reasons, some good and some bad.

    Some of the bad things are human right issues, stealing technology, influencing elections (they admitted this), state sponsored trade imbalances, building an ocean going navy, and the cyber threat.

    Some of the good things are the state control capitalism (good for their people), acceptance of technology, building out their own infrastructure, and building an ocean going navy (they can defend the trade routes instead of the USA). They have over 24,000 miles of high-speed train service compared to 0 miles in the US. One report had China with a 15:1 advantage in the EV battery mega factories compared to the USA. We have 4 mega battery factories.

    This pandemic has shown that the world global supply chain is easily affected or that even one ship in the Suez Canal can affect the world supply chain. Many parts and micro chips are manufactured in China. Think about that. China supplies 70-80% of Walmart’s inventory and I am sure that there is a very high percentage for other retailers too including building supply stores. This is very concerning from a national security perspective. The United States no longer has enough manufacturing capability to supply ourselves, even if we can get the raw materials. This is what concerns me the most.

    But I think that Mik might be right. The media fails to report on these things. The media tells us what to think. Schools at all levels no longer teach critical thinking so we just accept the mass media and social media as fact. I point to the Georgia voting law. If you take the time to read it and then compare it to other states like Colorado I fail to see how having more days to vote is restricting voting or requiring more polling places if voters are force to wait more than an hour the during the prior election?

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  2. Instead of being righteous temples of God [1 Corinthians 6:19-20]… here at the evil end of the age sinful men rebel against God and worship themselves as false gods [2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, Romans 1:25]

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