Honestly, I’m fed up with the word “crisis.” That word has become the propaganda tool of political progressives.

  • Student loans are a crisis
  • Drug prices are a crisis
  • Health care is a crisis
  • Minimum wage is a crisis
  • Inequality is a crisis
  • Retirement is a crisis

Here is what a crisis is; A crisis (plural: “crises”; adjectival form: “critical”) is any event or period that will lead, or may lead, to an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, or all of society. …

Not only do the above not constitute a crisis, to the extent they are issues to be dealt with, they have largely been caused by the laws, public policy and rhetoric created by the very people widely using the word “crisis.”

While providing adequate assistance to those among us truly in need, we should be questioning to what extent does individual life choices, personal decision making and general irresponsibility impact those issues for the individual.

Here are a few things that are real crises which we largely ignore:

  • China is rapidly expanding its influence around the world even threatening the US dollar in the world and has a mission to be the dominant country in the world while the US is focused on its internal “crisis” and obsession with fairness.
  • The American spirit has been severely diminished. In its place we want more of what we deserve and are entitled to. We see ourselves as victims of everything from business, executives, greedy companies and the wealthy; anyone who we see as preventing our personal progress…everyone except ourselves.
  • We are encouraged to look to government for solutions to personal problems, many times of our own creation. And yet, we can’t see the danger in growing dependency on government or the people running it at any point in time. Every time an administration changes or Congress changes hands of power we are pulled in a different direction. That is a risk from any point of view.


  1. Hey, there’s no crisis here.
    We woke up this morning in a comfortable bed, and the birds were singing and the sun was shining.
    We have chores to do today and are thankful we can do them.
    Having just retired, we are starting to enjoy the fruits of our 45 years of savings.
    There is no crisis because we planned for our old age through budgeting, hard work and living frugally while planning for a future that was likely to come.

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  2. Thanks Quinn.

    BTW just read your DYI article on Clements blog. Fantastico! I thought you had read my bio and was going to reveal me at the end. I believe HGTV is a “crisis in the making” every time Terry is watching. Projects just start after a few days.

    Thanks again, Martin

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    1. Yes, its hard to call climate change a crisis since the Earth has been warming up for over 11,000 years from the last ice age. Is man helping? Probably, but I am sure that all the volcanic activity in the Earth’s past also warmed the planet too. According to the movie Soylent Green (1973), the Earth is supposed to be a hot house with scoop trucks used for riot control in the year 2022. Something to look forward to isn’t it?

      We have the riots, now we need to call in the scoops. Maybe climate change is a crisis after all. How else do you top last year?


  3. According to President Biden, there is a border crisis. Within a few hours of him saying that this weekend, according to his staff, Biden misspoke and there is no crisis. I believe that there is a crisis when the number of illegals and children overwhelm the Border Patrol. It is a crisis. But as you pointed out, it is a direct result of Biden’s policies toward immigration therefore maybe it is not a crisis but the desired outcome.

    There are so many words that I no longer know the meaning to or they now mean the exact opposite from what I learned. Words like inclusion and diversity now mean that you must segregate and only your skin color matters. The media and their editors are failing to do their jobs by pushing the narrative and for failing to use the words properly. The worst case I saw this weekend was where a police chief was answering questions about a riot with actual burning, looting, and the injuring of national guard soldiers. Every time the police chief said the word riot, a reporter would correct him and say “protest”. The chief refused to call it a protest and kept calling it a riot for that is what it was.

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    1. Would you mind making 330 million copies of this and sending to everyone in the US? And 11 million to the undocumented residents? I hope (hope) that our country can somehow shift its focus back to the real “crises” as you have detailed so accurately. Thanks for a great read.

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