Profit is unfair

The United States is headed for deep trouble. Leading that race to the precipice are Americans with a very strange way of looking at things egged on by progressive politicians with a sort-sighted, naive view of the human factor in all things.

Take a look at the following Twitter comment.

I’m trying to think of a word to describe this Tweet, nothing I care to publish comes to mind.

Profit is bad, unfair? Consumers buy goods and services that provide them no value? Higher taxes on those providing goods and services will not lead to higher prices or lower stock value that most Americans are affected by directly or otherwise.

The fact is nearly ever dollar the wealthy have is created from and grows as the result of equity investments (or real estate). An infinite size pie taking from no one. That growth is based on delivering what consumers determine gives them value, much of it highly discretionary spending.


  1. “every dollar a millionaire has is PROFIT that someone else no longer has” or in other words I worked and earned a “profit” from exchanging my labor (job) for money to trade for goods and services. So, it is only fair that “profit” is passed from one person to another. The only time this is not fair is when the government steals your profit in the form of taxes to give to people that have done nothing in exchange for someone else’s “profit”.

    Also is it fair to take one’s “profit”? Because if you take “profit” from a millionaire then he is the “someone that no longer has” the profit that he earned.

    “acquired from a transaction that was not an equal exchange of value”. If you are not getting a fair and equal value in exchange then STOP DOING THOSE TRANSACTIONS. Get a new job, stop buying that over priced coffee, buy a small used car instead of that 8 passenger SUV, or don’t buy that new Apple phone if you don’t see that you are getting equal value for your money. Nobody but the government is putting a gun to your head to complete these unequal exchanges of profit or as I like to call it paying for things with money.

    Just because you lack ability to add value and to earn enough profit to pay for things that you highly valve doesn’t mean it is fair to take other people’s profit (money) away. That direct transfer of wealth to those who refuse to earn it is nothing more than theft. Higher taxes does nothing to rebalance anything unless you plan to just give money to people who wish not to work so that they can use someone else’s “profit” to complete unequal transactions. Americans are offered free high school education and the chance to serve which can lead to job skills and paid college education. There are other ways to enhance you profit making abilities too. But stealing my money through taxes is not one of them. I started from a broken home and I retired at 55.

    Under covid-19 stimulus money, many people have gotten that taste of “money for nothing”. I know a few people who have refused to go back to work because they were being paid more money to stay home and that is a smart financial decision. Currently, I am traveling through the south. Help wanted signs every where. Nobody wants to work the minimum wage jobs. The jobs will either start paying more or have plenty of people applying when their unemployment gets cut off. That is unless during their stay at home restrictions they developed more valuable job skills that they can earn higher profits.


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