The Chair recognizes Sen Sanders

Simple solutions, that’s what this 30+ year professional politician lives on. He has no concept of running a business, or a real job. He thinks short-term and without consideration of consequences or the interaction of systems or economic policies.

And really sad is the fact many Americans think as he does.

Somebody should tell him in the real world you can’t simply create money out of thin area, accumulate massive debt and liabilities and pass them to future generations.


  1. I agree – and industrial economy is a complicated mechanism. Some people suggest simplistic solutions and pretend that those actions occur in an isolated environment. They do not ask “and then what.” If wages are increased, prices increase. Inflation is often the result and ripples through the economy, often in unforeseen ways. Automation becomes more cost beneficial, so some lose employment, and some businesses fail. I have no problem with raising the minimum wage – it probably should have been done years ago. But to tinker with the structure of the economy without recognizing the potential impacts is foolhardy.


  2. $300.00 is $7.50 / hr if working a 40 hr week. Can you imagine going to your boss and asking for $7.50 /hr raise? You managed working at your old wages for years and now you want a $7.50 / hr raise?

    The market has responded in some areas with raises. I guarantee you that economics will respond too with more automation, inflation, and business failures. Then are we suppose to pay those who did not return back to work unemployment forever?

    In the meantime, record number of illegals are crossing the border willing to work for any wage.


  3. Good post.
    Unfortunately too many voters agree with Sanders.They have no concept on the laws of economy, nor are they concerned with the repercussions.


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