Isn’t it curious…

that so many Americans are opposed to a national health care system or even Medicare because they don’t want government involvement in their health care,

but they are more than willing to support free childcare, free college, $1,400 checks, loan forgiveness and price setting for prescriptions while complaining loudly about the cost of health care and insurance premiums.

It’s like our system doesn’t work on several levels, but there is no better alternative…except perhaps one of the systems used by any number of other countries.

There is a wide spectrum of possibilities including public and private combinations.

And yet the United States is mired in ignorance and nonsense.


  1. As someone who had to deal with government medical (military & VA, I sure as hell don’t want government medical. Look at the DMV if you want to know what socialist medicine looks like.


    1. Socialized medicine no, but that is not what Medicare is. With all its problems and issues, it works for 55 million Americans to pay for the care they freely obtain when and where they see fit.


  2. We’ve taught them well – to treat entitlements as if they were earned, or perhaps a birthright. Another new entitlement candidate are so-called “baby bonds” – tens of thousands of dollars to create “equity”… They seek to replace parental responsibility with taxpayer funding.


  3. Richard, this is where you lose me. Accepting a check for $1,400, which I personally didn’t receive, does not mandate that I believe socialistic centralized government solutions are most effective.


    1. Of course not, but just another illustration of what people are willing to accept from government without concern for how or if it will be paid for. Actually no different than “free” this or that, except it’s cash.


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