Remember all who sacrificed

Normandy American Cemetery
Omaha Beach


  1. Dear Lord,
    Lest I continue My complacent way,
    Help me to remember that somewhere,
    Somehow out there A man died for me today.
    As long as there be war, I then must
    Ask and answer, Am I worth dying for?
    — A wartime prayer by Eleanor Roosevelt


  2. Please remember today, those who gave their life for our country.
    Please teach your children and grandchildren what this day means.
    Support your local parade or remembrance. Take your children to a National Cemetery, even a local cemetery. It will more than likely have a few veterans graves. Leave a flag or two.

    There is something very, very humbling to see thousands of headstones at a National Cemetery.

    I saw a Campus Reform video this weekend where college students were willing to sign a petition to cancel Memorial Day because it was the result of American Imperialism and Colonialism. (All but one girl who gets the day off wanted it cancel.) One student admitted that he learned this in his college gender studies class, not in a history class.

    We need to teach and hand down to the younger generations the true meaning and the horrors or war. The true cost of freedom. We must remember those who sacrificed their lives for us so that “students” can exercise their free speech to prove their own ignorance.

    Here is the easy way to remember who to honor:
    Armed Forces Day – Those who are currently wearing the uniform.
    Veterans Day – Those who were able to take off the uniform.
    Memorial Day – Those who never had a chance to take off the uniform.

    Everyone please, enjoy the holiday.


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