The fallacy of political agendas

This one uses several Common Fallacies, don’t you love it? Many people do and they accept and support the idea that there is a connection between CEO compensation and worker hourly pay. The math doesn’t even make sense. Not only that but the generic use of CEO creates a false narrative as well.

This one is a great false equivalence.

Facebook meme

Here’s the problem. That’s misleading at best. His salary is equal to $463 an hour if you use the standard working year of 2080 hours, which for a CEO is grossly understated.

The bulk of his compensation, as with all CEOs, is non cash, stock options, awards, etc. which are at risk and paid for by shareholders, not workers or customers. His total compensation equals about $0.17 per week per employee. Apples and oranges; as are most similar positions.

One comment

  1. I don’t care what the CEO makes as an employee but only as a stockholder.
    It is my choice to work for a company at an agreed wage in exchange for my labor. If I don’t like, I can find another job.
    As a stockholder, I do believe that some boards compensation committees do a poor job and are too generous with short term bonuses and pay, but these two issues are not related.
    Some CEOs are not worth the pay packages. Others who invented things or innovated their industries deserve everything they can get.


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