Targeting the wealthy is not good for America

Sen Warren and others on the fringe (or not so fringe these days) seem obsessed with the wealth of Bezos and others and frequently target him on Twitter. This in turns causes comments labeling him greedy, creates envy, cries for fair share and growing division in America.

Today it’s Bezos and billionaires. Who will be the new scapegoats tomorrow? When do they get to the average millionaire next door and perhaps just the top 10% of earners?

This is dangerous stuff from the same politicians who were quick to perpetrate a generalized condemnation of police, who misleadingly criticize CEOs as a class where it doesn’t apply and who seek out new scapegoats on a regular basis.

They may sound kinder and gentler with feelings of empathy, but they are as dangerous as any extremists pulling us apart.

Americans are being manipulated and intentionally divided by class, race, gender and income and that should be our number one concern.

Bezos as an example paid little or no income tax because he had little it no income which is different from wealth. No American pays income tax when they have no taxable income. Making a distinction based on huge accumulated wealth is intentionally misleading and intended to create envy and division.

In 2020 Bezos donated $10 billion to fight climate change and $100 million to food banks among other donations. Would that money be more productive filtered through the hands of politicians and bureaucrats?

Not in my opinion.


  1. Bezos created and estimated 1,298,000 direct jobs at Amazon and who knowns how many indirect jobs for the businesses, their suppliers and shippers because they can sell on Amazon.

    Those 1.3 million plus people are paying taxes instead of collecting government handouts.

    How many jobs has Warren created without giving workers my tax money?

    We should be paying Bezos money because he is saving me from paying even more to the government in taxes.


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