The way of the political world

About the new enhanced child tax credit for households earning up to $150,000.

Some 39 million families, or 88% of American households with children, will receive the credit, according to the IRS.

“It’s literally going to put food on the table and a roof over people’s heads,” said Radha Seshgari, director of public policy and systems change for SaverLife, a national non-profit. “Without the money, some people in some households are living on a razor’s edge.”

In the same article one family said they will use the money for new clothes and air conditioners.

Food on the table, literally? No doubt for some that is true. No doubt the money will be put to good use by many. And, they should receive assistance, but it sure as hell is not true for the great majority of people receiving it.

It’s also claimed:

The money will lift more than 4 million children out of poverty, reducing the remaining number of children in poverty by more than 40%, according to an analysis from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a left-leaning think tank.

That money is going to families who then will decide how to spend it and on whom which may have nothing to do with the children, especially among the families who are not living in poverty or are not low income.

The naivety of the American left has no bounds.

We always seem to look at the lowest common denominator and ignore the big and more accurate picture while spending money that does not exist.


  1. $!50,000 is way too high of a threshold for this thing. I’ll probably just take my credit and give it to the kids for extra spending money as we always run a budget surplus in our household (thankfully).


  2. So, if this child tax credit is going to food on the table, then we get rid of WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children)?
    We could put that money toward this new government payoff program for having children in order to have a more depended society on government. By government, I mean vote buying politicians of both parties.
    Don’t even get me started what I saw at the supermarket yesterday and seeing what a woman bought using SNAP (food stamps).
    I can’t imagine that a family making $150K needing to buy food. Maybe horse riding lessons, but not food.


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