Pardon my venting

Somehow we have gotten to the point where a family earning $150,000 needs assistance from government raising their children, or perhaps that’s the new poverty level.

This administration is no less dangerous to the foundations of the United States, than the previous, it just appears kinder and gentler and more effective in creating a society dependent on the handouts from politicians, fiscal irresponsibility notwithstanding.

There is no regard for debt, deficits, the creation of unlimited future liabilities, the fact Congress has long ignored acting repsonsibly managing the major social programs we have in place now or that projections and assumptions as to cost and funding are manipulated to tell the story needed to sell a new spending plan.

Do Americans truly believe we can keep all this going while being paid for by only 1% or even 10% of fellow citizens (or not paid for at all) or that higher taxes on corporations will not have adverse consequences on them?

Is progess really taking from some citizens, filtering the money through governemnt and giving it to whichever voting block is loudest in its demand for more?

I get a kick out of Sen Warren harping on the “rigged” system because big business and the wealthy use their influence to manipulate the tax code and other laws to their advantage.

Well, the people they manipulate are the same people many Americans want to be in charge of handing out the government largess they will be dependent on.

What do you want from government, or more accurately from fellow citizens of this and future generations? Free day care, free college, all student debt forgiven, higher Social Security benefits, higher COLAs, higher minimum age, more and free health care benefits .. or maybe lower taxes too?

According to Sen Sanders, the the USA is the wealthiest country on earth so we can do it all or more accurately, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Buffett, Gates and friends can do it for us.

What more is there to say?


  1. Mr Quinn, just to cheer you up, you are not wrong to worry that the world is going down the wrong path.
    In news articles released two days ago it is reported that MIT used a world simulation model to learn how our world would fare from 1972 to 2060. KPMG review the 1972 study and found that economic growth will halt in decade, food will become scarce and human population will decline. The 1972 prediction of the collapse of society is on track to happen by 2040, 20 years earlier than predicted.

    The model (in 1972) also identified 2020 as a tipping point for civilization. I don’t think they had a pandemic in mind back in 1972.

    Now this study was done before the knowledge what technological advancements would happen. I also don’t know if the current modern day events are being back fitted into the study to fit someone narrative, but from where I sit, I believe the results. Massive world government debt has to sooner or later implode. Usually it takes a major war for this to happen, but a world wide pandemic might just work since many countries crippled their own economies.

    When you are giving child care money that make up to $150K, it makes no sense. 56% of household income is between $50K to $150K. 25.4% make less than $50k. So, 81.4% of the households with children may get some money for having children. That makes no sense.


  2. .
    I had hoped congress would have passed the “Securing a Strong Retirement Act” by now. But all they have done so far is amend that bill to make it LESS beneficial for seniors. All the BIden administration seems interested in is demonizing America’s White heritage, forcing experimental vaccinations and giving away the farm.


    1. > Equating this administration with the previous one is a fools errand.
      It is much, much worse than pointless. The previous administration was DANGEROUS and was responsible for the unnecessary deaths of people.


      1. Are we hearing from the low-information far left here? That would include you as well, Mr. Quinn.

        President Trump urged his supporters to demonstrate peacefully on Jan 6th. Check it out.

        If you are instead pontificating about Cov-19, Pres Trump addressed it immediately. Hospital ship for isolation off NY and CA harbors (the special snowflake govs, and DeBlasio spurned them). Full court press on developing “vaccines”. Closed inbound flights from nations with highest infection. Full court press on ventilators. He was working with an information vacuum – NOBODY knew anything about the makeup of Cov-19 and its characteristics, other than the Chinese. His advisors as well (including Fauci and Birks) had no idea that ventilators were a bad thing, or what effective countermeasures might be. It was like a zero-day exploit in cybersecurity.

        This “pandemic” has been hyped to Hail Mary. With total mortality (all ages) less than 3%, it is less lethal than seasonal flu. However, hyping it has served the far left well. Their hype has gotten the great unwashed (that would be us citizens) to blindly follow authoritarian diktat.

        There will be a reckoning, not that it matters to the mass of low-information citizens.


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