This is what is wrong with America today

“Somebody” has to keep this country running? They sure do and that somebody is every citizen pulling their weight and contributing. The attitude expressed in this Tweet is dangerous.

Running this country involves generating income plus responsible spending and administration. The somebody skipping out on their responsibility is Congress; Sen Warren and her colleagues.

The growing deficits we face and the additional spending for new social programs seemingly being proposed daily will not and cannot be paid for by billionaires and corporations. They will be paid for by average citizens through an array of taxes and fees, just as they are in every country with extensive social spending.

The Warren… and Sanders, AOC, etc. rhetoric is intended to mislead and manipulate you. If proposals to raise the corporate tax rate are enacted, US corporations will pay nearly the highest tax rate in the world. As it is, the US is above average. If the problem is deemed the way taxes are applied, that is solely the fault of Congress, especially the fault of members of Congress who have made a career of the job.

Nevertheless, creating division and scapegoats using misleading information does not serve this Country well.

Promises of free college, child care, health care, tax credits, etc. not to mention the basics of infrastructure and sustaining the massive programs currently underfunded, must be paid for by every citizen and Americans should be told the truth!

The ongoing accumulation of debt and underfunding of promises already created is not going to end well. Even proponents of MMT, which we are effectively following, acknowledge it can lead to higher inflation and taxes … and that won’t be on just a tiny segment of the population.


  1. Fake Pocahontas and Bernie the communist have both become millionaires by playing the victim/s card…at the taxpayers expense.


  2. Finally, someone speaking out about misleading misinformation coming from the far left. For too long our “News Media” have been calling any statement from the far left as “fact”, and anything from the conservative right as misinformation.


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