Medicare and Social Security Trusts are in trouble and getting worse.

This Tweet from Sanders is an abomination. It is also irresponsible, but that is nothing new. The issue has nothing to do with CEO greed or padded profits.


  1. Ah….yes! Inflation is the great work income leveler for most people. It’s unspoken by politicians (and the Federal Reserve) hell-bent on increased spending by government for “the benefit of the people”.


  2. USA Today (online) ran a good article (9-7-21) on the Social Security trust fund running out of money. They also blame ARRP for pushing the false narrative of Social Security going broke. I take this as a sign that the main stream media is starting to realize that the problem is real or the the politicians are leaking this story in order to soften up the public for some needed changes.

    The article presented the Social Security in a way that I never read before. It used the analogy that Social Security has a checking and savings account. Normally, Social Security pays benefits directly from the checking account but lately has had to dip into the savings account to pay all the benefits. It is the savings account that will be empty in 2033-2034 at which time the benefits will be cut because they will only have about 76-78% of the benefits coming into the “checking account” from taxes to make payments. I think must Americans can understand the checking – savings account over a trust fund.


    1. That’s true, but it’s more than that. Before last year the trust was using taxes, interest paid to the trust and income taxes paid on SS benefits at the 50% level. Now it has to redeem the bonds held by the trust.


  3. I have no problems adding dental, vision and hearing benefits, “IF” it is paid for by increased premiums. But, that will not happen and the Medicare Trust Fund will hit zero years before it would of happened. Or, the wise A$$ politicians will just borrow the money and everyone’s standard of living will go down, as inflation heads up, up, up.


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