Any chance we are being mislead?

The latest figures show that about 30 million Americans are uninsured for health care. That is Americans of all ages.

How then can lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 60 from age 65 provide health care coverage for an additional 23 million people?

About 8% of people age 60-64, or 1.6 million people, are uninsured and could newly gain Medicare coverage under this policy. Among uninsured adults age 60-64, most (66%) are eligible for financial assistance for coverage through the ACA marketplace or Medicaid

The great majority of individuals age 60-64 already have health insurance so for most it is changing one coverage for any other and for many it would mean a lower level of coverage and/or higher out-of-pocket costs and perhaps premiums.


  1. I thought ACA was the Democrats answer for medical coverage for those less than 65 and not on Medicaid? Are they saying they were wrong before? Then why should anyone believe them now?


  2. I will wait for the “Fact Checkers” from prominent media outlets to point out the fact that she overestimated the number who would benefit by a mere 1338 % but I won’t hold my breath. Pronouncements like this one from our members of Congress make me wonder which is worse, mathematical incompetence or dishonesty? Or, even both?


    1. Mathematical incompetence maybe, dishonesty more likely. Unfortunately the media fact checkers are in these politicians pockets, so good luck getting the truth from them.


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