“When progressives divide people into competing castes, they turn the nation against itself” – The Economist

Here is an excellent example of what The Economist is writing about. This Senator is among the most reprehensible in Washington as she does nothing but seek to divide Americans.

What is the point of her Tweet other than to foster class and race envy and division? She even uses a false comparison between income and wealth and greatly misleads on who pays taxes given nearly 107 million households — or 61% of U.S. households — owed no federal income taxes in 2020, according to estimates by The Tax Policy Center, marking a 40% increase from 2019 when 43.6% of households didn’t pay taxes.


  1. Elizabeth Warren’s sole purpose in the Senate is to devise a wealth tax. Her numbers relate only to wealth and not to income. We will combat this until the day we die and if we will not, we will continue to suffer the damaging consequences of an ever encroaching socialist model.


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