“We learned that unity is the one thing that must never break,” Mr. Biden said in a video mes­sage released by the White House. “Unity is what makes us who we are—America at its best.”

Friday September 10 speech with regard to 9/11

He’s right, of course, but how ironic to hear those words from him when politicians from his party are spewing division, disunity, caste envy and distrust like an open hydrant.


    1. CRT is the complete and historically factual truth. CRT is deemed “divisive” only by racist white supremacist Trumpists. Are you Stephen Douglas or the nauseating and repulsive Trump advisor Stephen Miller???


      1. Douglas, here.

        And I’m not sure who is being divisive. I don’t get into politics or news that much, but so far the biggest news I’ve seen on CRT is Ted Cruz stomping around the stage ranting about everything that CRT –isn’t– .*

        It’s obvious that racism does still exist and we need to do something, that’s not divisive. Ignoring it won’t work. Denying it won’t work.

        CRT, as I understand, isn’t taught in any lower level schools, it’s an academic subject, not easily simplified, but easily vilified, apparently.

        What else did Biden say that was divisive?

        * I rarely see anything so asinine as his histrionics.


  1. Seriously? Do you ever listen to the disgusting vitriol from the right wing politicians and media? Fox “News” entertainment channel and the right wing politicians are creating the division you decry. The left wing discourse is merely a reaction to the truly radical right wingers.


    1. Yes, seriously, but only because the president made that comment while his progressive wing does the opposite. The fact the right extremes are no better doesn’t excuse the other extreme.


    2. Creating a bogus boogeyman divides us i.e. CRT…the usual suspects use this as their weapon of choice for political gain…will we ever learn…probably not.


  2. What’s incredible is Biden and his supporters don’t see the disconnect. The party of division allows no second opinion. Tyrannical, bordering on psychopathic.


      1. A little less name calling and a little more objectivity might be nice. The fact is the most outspoken of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party daily barrage Twitter and other media with envy provoking divisive rhetoric and misleading information dividing us. Look for your self. I am not the first to note this. While the right wing has and is doing its share as well, I made this observation because the president is the head of their party. Look at other posts here and you will find some examples.


      2. Yes, by all means let’s fight amongst ourselves why massive problems go unsolved. 20 years later, we couldn’t agree who our enemies are much less mount a unified defense against them. I was at a outdoor snowmobile celebration(winter’s coming) today with thousands of others. A few were masked, most weren’t. No one had to provide their jab card. Should that now be a crime?
        When the announcer asked everyone to remove their caps while he sang the national anthem, the entire crowd stood hushed and at attention. Not a single Trump t-shirt or bumper sticker anywhere. No protests, no finger pointing, no smashing windows or looting going on, just people glad to be able to come and go as they please enjoying the day and the positive energy of being around each other. There were even people of color celebrating in the north country. A little good news in a country wracked by division. Who isn’t worn out by the daily barrage?


  3. A few democratically controlled cities want segregation again for their schools. I learned about this in all places at Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site this past spring. It only took the 101st Airborne and federalizing the Arkansas National Guard to provide security for 9 students in 1957 to enforce U.S. Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954.

    Currently, some colleges current have events where whites are ask to stay home. I don’t see how that is ok.

    Why do the democrats want to go backwards? What’s their game plan for dividing us again?


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