Why Senator Sanders bugs me to no end

Tweet September 10, 2021

Read the above carefully. “Half of our people,” “seniors are unable to hear…” “guaranteed zero?”

First, wealth accumulated has nothing to do with any of the issues.

Half of our people live paycheck to paycheck is nonsense. The majority of people who actually do this are doing so not because of their income level as he implies, but at least equally because of their spending. Otherwise known as living above ones means. You can live P to P at any income level.

Seniors are unable to hear, how many seniors? Certainly not just “seniors.” Guess what, of those seniors who have hearing aids, 20% don’t wear them and 30% don’t wear them all the time.

Unable to see. The most common causes of vision loss among the elderly are age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and diabetic retinopathy. The above are not corrected by glasses, but treatment is covered by Medicare.

New moms, well this is a tough one. Is it the federal governments job to guarantee that moms spend time with their children? I don’t think so, but then again I don’t understand the entire concept of putting work and career ahead of children one decides to have.

Sen Sanders is the master of generalization, and he apparently has no concept of individual responsibility and accountability but that’s not the real problem.

That problem is the millions of Americans who accept his rantings without question or any thought of looking at the facts.


    1. The intellectual laziness of the average American is the real problem. Remember that half of all Americans are below average intelligence. At times I think it is more than that but that’s a mathematical impossibility.


    1. When Kim Klacik ran for Congress last year and she did her TV ad walking through her districts streets in Baltimore, I would have thought that would have woken up some democrats to stop voting for the same party like they have been for decades. I don’t live in Baltimore but I would never vote to keep a party in power if my city looked like Baltimore or like any big city does now. But I guess the party machine is just to strong for people to think for themselves. She only got 28% of the votes when she was winning the early voting and in person voting, but lost after the 97,000 mail in votes were counted.

      It does make one question the integrity of our voting system when someone from the outside looks at an election like that.


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