Arguing against vaccination mandates … or maybe not

The sen­si­ble approach, based on the avail­able data, is to pro­mote vac­cines for the pur­pose of pre­venting seri­ous ill­ness. You don’t need a man­date for this—adults can make their own de­cisions. But man­dates will pro­long po­lit­i­cal con­flicts over Covid-19, and they are an in­creasingly un­sus­tain­able strat­egy designed to achieve an un­at­tain­able goal.

Dr. Ladapo is an as­sociate pro­fes­sor at UCLA’s David Gef­fen School of Med­i­cine. The Wall Street Journal 9-17-21

Okay, adults can make their own decision. Will part of that decisions be paying their own medical bills if they are unfortunate and decide wrong? Of course not.

The primary goal of the vaccine, like flu shots, is to minimize the impact of the virus, prevent serious illness – including death.

Let’s say the vaccines do not at all prevent the spread of COVID, let’s say vaccinated people can still get the virus, but may not know it.

Why wouldn’t preventing serious illness and all its costs and other adverse consequences be reason enough to mandate vaccination under certain conditions?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ranks vaccination among the most significant public health achievements of the 20th century. The CDC also reported that, over the last two decades, immunizations prevented more than 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 child deaths in the United States. This translates to nearly $295 billion in savings on direct health care costs.

All 50 states have vaccination requirements for school admission.


  1. Wilson, thanks for the well wishes, but I have natural immunity as I had COVID at the beginning of 2020, and expect to live for a long time. Your blood clots on the other hand are likely to shorten your life. Unlike you however, I will wish you good luck with that.


    1. Mr. Corrupt (very aptly named) – you and other poor misinformed individuals are killing Americans by allowing the virus to continue to infect people and to continue to allow the virus to mutate – I don’t know how you can live with yourself as a “me first” murderer


  2. Mr. Quinn – I greatly admire your knowledge and expertise in the areas of health care, Social Security, Medicare, etc. – I am a long time loyal reader, but politics is not your thing – the Republican party of 2021 has become a cancer in our nation and is dedicated to destroying our democracy – Republicans have politicized vaccination and are fighting it every step of the way – their desire to regain power is so all consuming that they are dedicated to causing President Biden’s efforts to defeat Covid to fail to ensure that Democrats cannot claim victory over Covid as a campaign talking point in upcoming elections – Republicans are so possessed by their drive to regain political power that they will allow their own constituents to sicken and die by promoting vaccine misinformation – former RNC chairman, Michael Steele, has made the statement that Republican governors such as DeSantis and Abbot along with innumerable Republican members of Congress are “thinning their own herd” with their opposition to vaccines and they DO NOT CARE! – unvaccinated Republicans are causing our nation to fail to reach herd immunity and are thus allowing further mutations of Covid beyond the Delta Variant which will ultimately result in a mutation that current vaccines cannot control – I have reached the point where I am saying, “Fine – the fewer Republican voters that are alive, the better” – You have long warned of the demise of Social Security and Medicare, but the disintegration of our nation’s democracy promoted by Republicans is a far more clear and present danger – vaccine deniers say that vaccine mandates are “an infringement on their liberty” – to that I say, “Your liberty stops where my liberty begins and you are NOT at liberty to infect me with a fatal virus”!


    1. I do not disagree, but all the blame is not just the extreme right, rather all extreme views that seek to mislead and divide. We need a solid middle and common sense.


    2. Wilson, if the “vaccinations” worked, why would you worry about whether I’m vaccinated or not? The people pushing these vaccines still have no idea what long term effects may be. If you want to be a medical experiment, have at it, but anyone who tries to force me to vaccinate is going to have a very bad day.


      1. Al, I agree with you. I got my shots to return back to a normal life. That did not happen. Today, I refused to do business with a store that required me to wear a mask (their right, I left peacefully).

        Today, the FDA voted down a booster shot. My question is how did the vaccine get full approval status emergency status if they didn’t know if the vaccine was effective? Shouldn’t the long term effects of the vaccine have been known before granting full approval? I am not against vaccines but it is clearly political and control for power not science. Politicians are telling my doctor what to do, not science.

        Anybody that has OHSA bloodborne pathogen training or respiratory training and has failed a fit test, knows that the homemade cloth masks don’t work. My doctors have only used medical grade masks and face shields.

        I won’t even get into what we did to our children. As of yesterday, only 486 children under the age of 17 have died (which is a shame) out of the millions who lost two years of their life in school and socialization. Of all the covid deaths in the US, only 6% were pure covid. A death rate of 0.0117% (source is CDC website and you have to dig very deep). We wreck our economy, made the world fearful, and government tells us what to do. Those people who don’t want to listen to government officials and prefer their own doctors are being threaten with interment camps by some of the lemmings.

        I am just being tired of being lied to. I am tired of people who raise questions being silenced. Somewhere in between is the truth and I would like to decide for myself but I am not allow to hear all sides and see all facts.


      2. that’s true for any medicating a person takes. If course they work, and work means minimize the most serious illness and death, not 100% prevention. I sincerely hope you never get to test the difference between being vaccinated or not. I’m also


    3. Mr. Wilson, I blame both the republicans and the democrats for decades. I thought under the Patriots’ Act that Americans loss some freedoms. But the Patriots Act is nothing compared to the freedoms we have lost to Big Tech, main stream media fact checkers, and the government under the pandemic emergency.

      Likewise, your liberty ends where my liberty begins, so if you are afraid of the world, stay home. I am going about living. I promise I won’t seek you out and inject you using a needle with a virus.

      Like I said, it is both republicans and democrats that are the problem. But I would also like to remind you that from the day that Trump got elected, the democrats did everything to remove him from power. Orange man is bad for 4 years and still impeached him when he was no longer president (I didn’t thing you could be impeached from office that you no longer held, but I was wrong).. As for our current puppet figure in the White House, I want to know who he is going to get in trouble with if he answers questions? Who keeps cutting off his mic? He is the President of the United States even if he is not all there mentally and he only answers to the people.

      And I have had my shots.


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