An unaffordable prescription co-pay? Can’t afford to save? Living paycheck to paycheck? Earning $300,000 and need that children care check?


Forgive my curmudgeonly sarcasm. 😁


  1. Reminds me of the video years ago of Michelle Obama serving at a soup kitchen for the homeless…Many of the poor, homeless were taking her picture with their $1000 cell phones.


      1. There were no $1,000 phones in 2009. And I seriously doubt if ‘many’ (or ‘any’) homeless have them today.
        I am not the canceler. Just keeping’ it real.


  2. Boy did you hit the mark. I know somebody who lost his house and has been renting for about a decade. Works for the city and will get a pension but can’t afford to retire and is approaching 70. Every kind of holiday his yard is full of inflatables and other lawn decorations. Most were collected after he lost his house and started renting a house with a front yard. What he could have done with that money.


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