Hurting Americans in a Tweet

If you want to know what’s hurting America, in my opinion, here is a place to begin looking.

This is an actual screenshot from one page on Twitter. They are in lockstep on a regular basis.

Their rhetoric is laced with buzzwords and misleading information intended to create division and class envy. Needless to say there is never a thought to the consequences, the true costs or in some cases just the facts.

Americans want? Against working people? Getting billionaires and giant corporations to pay for it? It’s great politics too?

What is the message? Whatever you want, you can have because you deserve it, you are a working people and all the new stuff will be paid for by people and organizations who are not working people – and by the way, getting them to do so has no possible negative impact on your life.


  1. People want everything free. They want $15 min wage. They want benefits that far exceeds what is reasonable considering the costs. And they want someone else to pay. The government told millions of workers that they were not essential or worthless and to stay home. In the last year the government has proven that people can stay home and get checks in the mail so why work? In fact, another round of checks is going out today for Child Tax Credits.

    I want these thing too but I am smart enough to realize that it is not practicable or responsible to do. Somebody has to pay.

    Today, I saw my first commercial from Miso Robotics. They make robots that can make burgers and fries. Robots who don’t ask for raises, they come to work everyday, don’t get high, and don’t care what pronoun you use.

    Instead of promoting a nanny socialist state, how about promoting businesses. Blue Original employs about 3,500 people directly and who knows how many the part suppliers employ to build a rocket? All those people and suppliers pay taxes instead of getting checks to stay home.


    1. “class envy”?

      “People want everything free.”

      “Robots who don’t ask for raises, they come to work everyday, don’t get high, and don’t care what pronoun you use.”

      Wow! That’s a boatload.

      “Alcohol abuse seems to be more prevalent among the upper income bracket and also correlates with higher education:”

      Sure, there are freeloaders at every level, but, (observation bias again, perhaps) I just don’t see them. My wife and I earn approximately the median household income, which is on the high end of most of our relatives and acquaintances. Almost to a man/woman, they are proud of carrying their weight. (Sometimes to a fault, ironically.)

      Fact is, there are a lot of people out here working damn hard (harder than I, frankly), barely getting by, and their conditions are getting worse, not better.

      “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” does not mean “People want everything free.” It does not even mean they want to be “equal”. I don’t want my dentists Corvette.* “Needs” is the key word. Not meeting the needs of the lowest paid workers is the equivalent of not distributing oil to the less significant moving parts in your car engine. It’s gonna cost you.

      *Although every time I see him, I ask if I could borrow it. Standing joke, I couldn’t even fit in it. Not the Ferrari either.


  2. “class envy”?

    Or just survival? My dentist drives a Corvette. Same one for the ten years I’ve known him. No envy here, I wouldn’t have a Corvette even if I could afford one.* Last year he traded up to a new Vette… with a Ferrari kicker (Receptionist says he keeps the Vette cause he won’t take the Ferrari out in inclement weather.)
    Still no envy. The guy is sharp and works hard. Owns the business and employees three other dentists and staff of six hygienists and office workers. In his “spare time”, he trains other dentists on implants, his specialty.

    A nice, friendly, personable man, but we don’t discuss income (Dad always taught me that was rude). If I had to guess, I’m sure he’s well over the $400,000 income Biden won’t raise taxes on. Still no envy.

    Do I think he should pay more taxes than me? Yes.
    Do I think he should pay a higher percentage than me? Yes again.
    Not class envy. Marginal utility, if nothing else. Increasing my taxes by $1,000 a month would be devastating, if not fatal.** Increasing his by that would be negligible. As my Dad said, in America, if you work harder, or smarter, you make more money… ” But it’s hard to believe a man can work a hundred times harder than I do.”

    *Actually, I could “afford” a Vette tomorrow, I suppose, if I tap the IRA. That’s a non starter.

    **”Needless to say there is never a thought to the consequences…” He would for sure lose me and others like me as a customer.


  3. There is another place to look, in my opinion.

    Wise farmers have long had a saying: Don’t eat your seed corn.  The expression teaches that all the seed that comes through a farmer’s hand has the potential of being planted or being eaten.  In order to make sure that there will be a harvest the following year, the farmer must not eat all the seeds.

    “But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” 2 Corinthians 9:6

    If you can’t think of “working people” as people, think of them as an investment. Seed corn. It’s not enough to save them for next season, you have to protect them from destruction; from the elements or predators (or from being “eaten”). Consider the benefits, not just the cost.


  4. The so-called “Progressives” rhetoric is very appealing to some of us so-called “downtrodden”. They are the modern day Robin Hoods claiming to “take from the rich to give to the poor”. I always liked that Robin Hood story!
    IF I was rich🤩, I would have already been transferring most of my wealth out of this country….maybe even changing citizenship? And IF I was in a business catering to the rich, I would be planning another business to switch to.


  5. Pie in the sky politics are killing our economy. Raising taxes on business and “the rich” or giving away food, housing and healthcare at other’s expense raise prices that affect lower and middle class Americans proportionately more as well as stifle growth.

    Stopped to visit Grandkids in VA. Many small businesses are closed, Named department stores were void of shoppers mid-week. Masks all over the place. People appear to be afraid to venture out except for essentials down here in spite of numbers going down which are not being reported as much anymore.

    Make a positive difference in someone’s life today. Bill Mitchell


    1. “…numbers going down which are not being reported as much anymore.”

      “…Masks all over the place.”



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