Why are we surprised?

Homage to Matisse, Rothko

If someone would pay $22 million for the above – and much more for similar pieces of “art.” …

why are we surprised that people readily accept and believe the self-serving rhetoric of politicians and their grand non-solutions to problem?

Because we are incredibly gullible and want to be part of conventional wisdom and trends and generally don’t want to suffer the consequences of saying both Rothko art and progressive political pandering is garbage.

Read The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe.


  1. A. It’s relative. If your net worth was $44 million, you probably wouldn’t spend half of it on one painting.

    B. It’s an investment, for those in the very high wealth categories. A risky investment, for sure, but aren’t they all?*

    3. I don’t think it has any real connection to “progressive political pandering”. That’s a non sequitur. I like the alliteration, though.

    *I wonder how much of that $22 million goes to the original artist?


  2. Not being an expert on fine art, I would think that 22 million for a Rothko would be excessive. If I had the money to spend, I think an original Hunter Biden would be a much better deal.


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