IRMAA 2022

Higher income retirees pay more for Medicare. Here are the 2022 rates [there was an typo on the CMS website.]. Your 2020 Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) determines your premiums.

You will receive a letter in December from Medicare telling you the good news 😢


  1. Couldn’t reply to Quinn’s response to me this morning. But the Alzheimer’s drug is pushing up the cost of part B— see It could be that it’s included in B because it’s administered outpatient. The price per dose is off the charts and nobody know how often it will be administered. Medicare is building up a stash of bucks in case it is widely prescribed. Right now the jury is out in whether it works.


    1. It’s part of a contingency reserve. The CMS press release says it has not been approved “There is significant uncertainty regarding the potential for future coverage of clinician-administered Alzheimer’s drugs (i.e., Aduhelm™), requiring additional contingency reserves. Potential Medicare drug coverage is currently the subject of a Medicare National Coverage Determination (NCD) analysis, which, if covered, could increase Medicare spending. The proposed NCD on Aduhelm (as well as any drugs in this category) is still to be determined.”


      1. If the drug isn’t covered, it’ll be the first fda approved not to be—apparently would take an act of Congress to denied. Now think about senior voting-what congress person is going to vote against? As initially posted, I’m willing to pay the irmaa but this situation poses a major problem the fda panel voted against it.


  2. My husband and I have excellent pensions and savings as well as SS. I don’t begrudge paying more since money worries aren’t a problem for us. BUT I do question politicians who argue “anybody who makes less than $400,000 won’t pay more.” This increase technically isn’t a “tax” but those under $400,000 will be paying more !! And leaders wonder why trust is low?


    1. People have been paying more for years under IRMAA. This reflects inflation – the brackets have been adjusted – and rising health care costs. Nothing to do with current administration or past for that matter.


      1. From what I’ve seen, it’s not inflation; it’s the pricey new Alzheimer’s drug that may or not work that drive up the Medicare premium and I guessing also the IRMAAs. Also some politics may be in play since an acting FDA commissioner overrude the expert panel and approved the drug. Permanent commissioner wasn’t nominated until this past week,


      2. Health care price and utilization inflation is the key. The cost of drugs affects Part D of Medicare, but not Part B


  3. I never looked at the IRMAA chart as my retirement income is just $39,000 per year. The $91 K + single income bump to $238.10 per month premium an additional $68, seems excessive as do the rest. How much income tax revenue does the government lose as retirees limit their withdrawals from retirement accounts, to keep from paying higher Medicare premiums??? How does limiting retiree spending at the higher income levels help or hurt the economy???
    I never have liked the one size fits all income tax system with plenty deductions that many never qualify to claim. Or, the fact that cost of living area is not considered. $91 K+ in NY City or Los Angeles is not the same as Great Falls, MT.

    I am glad that next years COLA covers more than just the increase in Medicare premiums. My 91 year old mother gets to keep all of the COLA because her state Medicaid program covers her Medicare premiums and co-pays. Every low income retiree should check with their state to see what programs they may qualify for. We should all adjust our spending as prices and income change during retirement, just as we did during the rest of our lives. Higher COLAs push many into higher tax brackets and push prices even higher as people have more money to spend.


    1. “ How much income tax revenue does the government lose as retirees limit their withdrawals from retirement accounts, to keep from paying higher Medicare premiums???”

      I can verify that this retiree limited IRA to Roth conversions based on the IRMAA MAGI rates once I reached age 63.


  4. There is an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) line on the 1040 and a Taxable Income line. I do not see a line referred to as MAGI (or Modified). Which of these amounts will my 2022 IRMMA be based on?


  5. *** Several situations may indicate that an individual qualifies for a new determination. These include:
    Tax return is inaccurate
    a person filed an amended return for the tax year used to make the IRMAA determination
    there was a mistake in the IRS data
    the IRS sent old data to the SSA
    there was a major life-changing event that reduced the person’s income
    7 life changing events
    death of a spouse
    *** reduction in work hours or termination/retirement
    loss of income-producing property
    loss of some types of pension income

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  6. Why bother giving us a COLA when much of it is eaten up with the increase in Medicare. and inflation. I am appalled that Medicare CMS raised it that high! I hope that someone petitions Congress for the 1400 stimulus for seniors that the Senior League is asking for since it seems like everyone gets help but seniors and take away the COLA increase with costs going up so high and Medicare. In addition news reporters report that inflation is the highest it has been this year, not in the 3rd quarter when SS COLA is calculated but in the 4th quarter, so did we indeed get much of a COLA between inflation and Medicare premiums? It seems like child credits and subsidizes are given to them immigrants and many more classes and seniors have to beg and borrow for any assistance. I think it is terrible Medicare raised our premiums over $20 monthly instead of what should have been the increase around $10 more. I wonder if Medicare premiums rise would have occurred if we had gotten a lower COLA! We just can’t seem to get ahead of the game There, I have vented with my feelings!!


    1. Your Medicare premiums are equal to 25% of the cost of the Part B program. Part of the reason the increase is high for 2022 is because we did not get the full and correct increase in 2021. The COLA and immigrants have nothing to do with either – costs are costs and they have to be paid for. The COLA calculation is set by law. You need some consistency, you can’t change the calculation just to follow inflation each month.


    2. My Part B premiums are increasing $130 a month beginning in January, and that has nothing to do with the ’22 COLA adjustment. So, there goes a big chunk of my increase right off the bat!


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